07 October 2012

Sunday, October 07, 2012 - 8 comments

Fall is in the air

It is most definitely fall around here...the weather is beach perfect...sunny days, lots of warmth and not a tourist to be seen for miles!!  It's quite literally the best time to come visit!  But the best part of fall around here, besides that it's more like summer if you close your eyes, but if you open them you see all the colors changing and the amazing sunsets give it away...it's fall and soon it will be winter.  To get into the groove of the season we spent Saturday at a fabulous farm near us and quickly decided to make this the first of MANY visits over the years.  It was SO much fun and a perfect family day together.

Uesugi Farms was our backdrop to this most amazing day.  We got to do some honey tasting and we agreed that the bee hive was kinda weird but the orange blossom honey was yummy!   The farm was alive with color and bees and people and lots of joy!  They had two mazes...a little one for tiny people and a HUGE one for the more adventuresome.  We loved them both!  It was even more fun since we'd been learning all about the letter M last week for school and so this was a perfect way to see M in action by exploring a real maze and finding the M (from farm) inside the maze as well as use maps to get through the farm and the maze...it's all about education now!  LOL!!
Another first for us...a little pony ride!  One of those moments for me that made me cry.  Our little sprout was so excited and waited so patiently for her turn.  She was so adamant that she have this pony and I couldn't figure out why until we got to him and she pointed out to me that he was the only one with a purple bridle...she'd been looking at all of them to see which one had what she needed.  So we will call our first ride a success with the purple pony.  :)

Of course no carousel can be passed by by our girl...she LOVES to ride them!  This trip she managed to only get two rides in...last weekend at Happy Hollow she got something like 7 rides!  :)

The farm had SO much to do...tractor rides out to butterfly fields...cow train rides...petting zoo...crafts...hayrides...I could go on and on!  But the best part (at least for me) was the delish food!  YUM!  I'm going back just for the tri tip sandwich with a cup of hot chopped up garlic butter poured all over it!  I still stink!

Inside the huge maze we got lost only for a few minutes and took the advice to follow the clues and map to get through safely...it was HUGE!  But SO cool!!  At some of the dead ends you could see fields of flowers and statues of butterflies or an untouched pumpkin patch and we were even able to stand in the middle of the O!  A big hit since we studied the heck out of that letter a few weeks ago.  :)
The maze has the name of the farm and year written within it so it was fun to walk the letters while we were searching out the clues.

Eventually we made it to the actual pumpkin patch and pyramid of pumpkins...WOW!  We picked up a little round pumpkin and another fun one called "one too many" which is white and orange is almost looks like its actually fabric.  

 I can not wait until next year to see how much this little sprout of ours has grown!!  She too can't wait to go back and "Let's do it again mommy and daddy!!"  We will baby girl, we will.

Happy Fall!!  


Look like a blast!!! I love fall so much! Can't wait to see you guys!!!!!

Funny, we were there today (Sunday)! Isn't that place the best?! Pure pumpkin craziness. Hugs.

...that place is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay cool!! xoxo,m

HOW FUN... I can't wait to hopefully go with you guys next year.. .love all the photos..
Miss you sooo much

What an awesome place!! A great way to spend a day together. We have some fun places but nothing as extravagant as this. Glad you had such a great time!

Miss seeing updates!!! On your beautiful family.


Miss seeing updates!!! On your beautiful family.