15 April 2013

Monday, April 15, 2013 - 1 comment

Life, love and laughter

It's been way too long since I've posted or even been to this little space! Although I don't know how life becomes so busy it does and things start to drop off your to do list or your priorities begin to change and your focus goes elsewhere. This is what has happened with us and while it's all good, I do miss the connection of blogging. This little blog helped me for such a long time and has been an amazing way to document our life...looking back over it makes my heart smile!

With the refocusing of priorities I've not only stopped blogging but also capturing our lives through my camera lens...yes a huge shame! If I do snap a picture it's with my iPhone and that's about it. That needs to change, I've been telling myself that the last few weeks. I've also been wanting to get back here again or at least get back to blogging but maybe a fresh start. This blog has shown the major transformation that my life has gone through over the last eight years, a transformation only God has worked in me. I am blessed!

So with a lot of love I am ready to close this little blog I called my life and move on to the next chapter. The next chapter has already begun and I am looking forward to documenting it and all that lies ahead for my family.  Grace, Love and Joy is our new little spot for our family. God has wonderful plans I can not fathom but I trust in His word and lift my hands in praise! God is good!


You've been missed friend - more than you know!

Off to check out your new space!