16 July 2012

Monday, July 16, 2012 - 2 comments

A new found love

Wow it's been a while since I've sat down and written down my thoughts!  So much has been happening yet nothing at all.  We are settling into our new home and enjoying it immensely!  Loving it actually!  I've also taken the time to take step back from the computer a bit this summer and enjoy some time with my girl and hubby.  We just finished a fabulous 12 day stay-cation and did some good relaxing!  Nothing like lazy days, parties with friends, family visitors, baking cookies for our campers and that's about it.  Nice!  But in the midst of our summer of change we've been completely enjoying the bounty of summer foods including the peach!

For the past two years I've been trying unsuccessfully to get my girl to eat a peach.  She wont do it!  Shakes her head every time and says no or I don't like peaches!!  She's never even tried one!!  I think it's so funny that a child can dislike something so profoundly without even trying it...how does that happen??  Always boggles my mind.

Well the other day I was enjoying this fabulous summer fruit and it was the yummiest peach ever and I was slurping up the juices and saying YUMMMM with every bite.  Little miss was enthralled with my enthusiasm over her most disliked food and said, "I don't like peaches momma but you do!"  "Yes I do", I replied.  I asked her if she wanted to try a little bite and she thought for a few minutes then said hesitantly...."Okay".

The rest is history!  HA!!  The child wants peaches all the time now.


So glad y'all are enjoying the new place. That photo is gorgeous!! And who doesn't like peaches?! Glad little bitty decided to give it a whirl! Otherwise- she'd spend a lifetime missing out on some serious deliciousness!!! xoxo! Brooke :)

LOL! Kids can be so funny! I love how you worked with her (errr...tricked her? ;o) into wanting to try the peach! Glad she's lovin' em now!!

That happened with us 2 weeks ago with seaweed. Last year at the beach Cricket, Ro and Ree were all eating it and Hannah would have nothing to do with it. I bought some this year and then nose crinckled before it ever reached her lips. Two weeks ago when 4 of her friends were eating it she tried it and suddenly loves it. Heh! Love our silly little girls!