11 May 2012

Friday, May 11, 2012 - 3 comments

The funny thing about packing

So here we are now packing up.  I've been slowly packing things and sorting through 10+ years of our lives for the last year so I'm hoping this will be a relatively easy task.  But still it's daunting!  I asked my neighbors if I could have all of their old newspapers to pack up our house and I get a beautiful basket filled with papers once a week...yea, I'm going to miss them.  Well the problem about packing your house up with the local paper is that you sit there reading old news instead of packing and eventually find yourself sitting on the floor reading for an hour.  Not so good when you're on a time crunch.

The paper is overflowing with garbage and I now know why we stopped the subscription...the headlines are horrible and I just sit there and get sucked in...even if it's old news!  There's the politics which actually is a good thing to be reading right now and I'm quickly catching up on all that BS.  Then the local news which is always good for some interesting chat at the grocery store later on.  But wow...the newspaper is full of ugly print!  The other day I spent at least an hour crying myself through the obituaries.  I was stunned at the amount of loss in  our area due to cancer.  Seriously at least 3 out of the 6 obits were young people who'd passed away from that horrible disease.  Ugg!  Oh and if I get to the real estate section I just cringe!  I look around at my belongings that I'm packing and my beautiful house and want to cry some more.  To get myself away from the overwhelming sadness of the print I find myself looking at the sports section!!!!!!  Well if you know me well enough you're laughing by now.  I can not stand sports...well except baseball.  But only Giants baseball.  But that section of the paper gives me a little hope.  I see names of living people I know and most of them are kids Jake goes to school with or did or a friends kids and see them doing great things in local sports or at the college they attend.  As for the ads...I can not stand those!  Those aren't good for packing anyway and they just take all my money out the door so I just crumple those things up and throw them in as filler in all the boxes.

But the best part of using the newspaper is when you see the comic section down there in the pile and you just know you're going to be laughing in just a few moments. The stress of what you've just spent the last hour of your time wasting and the stress of your move is suddenly gone.  Laughter is the best medicine!!!


Hugz girly.. the future will bring you many great things..
Love you tons ..
always here for you ..

...here's what I thought of whenever we moved...made the packing a lot easier...'Live simply so that others may simply live'....xoxoox,m

LOL! So much to learn from your paper. Heh! I only get our local paper and the funny thing is that the part you crumple up is about the only part I read! My grocery store does price matching so each week I go over all the food flyers, assemble one list and take it plus the flyers to my local store to get the best prices.

Now, if my paper had comics I'd be racing you for those! :o)