27 March 2012

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 - 3 comments

You did it!!

I can't let this moment pass and not keep it in our memory books....Jacob you got your first job!!  We are so proud of you and can not wait to see the work God has planned for you in this amazing ministry.  Congratulations buddy!!  

It is my pleasure to offer you a paid position this summer at Camp Hammer as a Kitchen Assistant.  Our decision to offer you a position on the Camp Hammer summer staff has come as a result of much prayer and deliberation. We have offered you this position because we sincerely believe that God has hand picked you to help bring the message of new life in Jesus Christ to the 1000 campers who will be attending Camp Hammer this summer.
If you have made your summer ministry plans a matter of prayer, and can commit to serving at camp this summer from June 11 - August 8, then please accept our offer via e-mail to be on the 2012 Camp Hammer summer staff. 
In the coming months we will be sending you some materials to help you begin preparing for your summer of ministry at Camp Hammer.  Your summer here is going to be challenging, but will likely be one of the very best summers of your life.  We pray you will grow immensely as a Christian and you will see God work miracles in the lives of the children who desperately need to experience His grace.
If you have any questions at all regarding your summer of ministry at Camp Hammer, please do not hesitate to call xxxx.  I would love to answer any questions you might have about the amazing summer that awaits you.

We love and treasure you!!
M and M!


Way to go Jacob! Have a blast at camp!!

Congratulations Big J...
Great job.. you will have sooo much fun..