11 January 2012

Wednesday, January 11, 2012 - ,, 19 comments

The winds are changing

It's been awhile since I've been here and honestly it's been a nice break.  A needed break to reevaluate this blog and if I want to continue with what it's become.  And honestly, I don't.  I didn't realize that until I understood the amount of pressure I was feeling from my little space in the world.  My little space.  My space which has turned into what I feel is not what I had intended it to be six years and 901 posts ago.  You see this is the only way I've found to be able to document our lives.  I am not a scrapbooker, as hard as I've tried.  I am a writer but I only get through about 20 pages of a journal book then I stop.  I've started baby books for my children and those books end at about 18 months old.  But what has never waned is my blog.  It has been my source for sharing special moments.  Difficult moments.  The growth of my babies and the growth of our family.  I don't know exactly why but it has been constant.  And something I treasure!  I have made life long friends through my blog.  I have changed through my blog.  I have inspired and been inspired through my blog.  I have learned more about life through blogging than I could have ever imagined!  I don't want it to end.  But I don't want to go forward with what my blog has become for me.

These last few months I've started feeling overwhelmed when I'd sit down to do a post.  I worry about offending people.  I wonder if it's important.  I stress over what others think.  I spend more time focusing on the perfect picture then I would on documenting the fact that my daughter has been thriving at Sunday school or that my son got his drivers permit and how these things make me feel as their mother.  Instead I chose not to post those moments but to stress myself to no end to go take pictures and post those moments instead...the perfect picture with few words.  Now don't get me wrong...I adore photography!  I'm passionate about it!  But blogging for me is not to showcase my pictures.  I blog to give my children a story when I can no longer tell it to them.  I blog to savour the memories of special moments and the silly ones too.  I want to get back to blogging for my family and my family alone.

So starting today there will be changes.  And I am looking forward to it!  I am not going to worry about what anyone thinks about me any longer, which is a goal of mine for 2012.  I am not going to stress anymore if my pictures are perfect, because I am not a professional, just an over enthusiastic amateur. I am getting rid of the followers button because it's about who I'm following which are my children, not who's following me.  I'm not going to worry if my posts are only six sentences long or three pages long, because if something happened that I don't want my kids to forget, I'm going to write it down as best as I can....for my kids.

Life is too short and there is too much between the dash that I want to make sure gets accomplished and someday I'll be gone but my children will be here to continue the story and I want them to know just how important, amazing, inspiring and what treasures my family is to me.


I love this. Find so much of this true in my own life. What an awesome goal to be you this coming year and post from your heart.

YOU are the BEST..
Love it.. you know me.. honest as they come... the people who love you will stick around the others were fake to begin with..
Love you just as you are...

I've always loved the posts you wrote about your family and what is happening in your home. I'm feeling the same way about my blog. Changes will be coming for me in the near future too.


Good for you Kayce! You speak the truth and I really understand what you're saying. Had no idea you've been blogging for 6 years. Looking forward to more posts and blogging for yourself.

hugs, Gail

Totally agree with you about why to blog. Keep on blogging :)

Oh good, I'd rather hear about Jen, since she's about the same age as Kate :) And you all brought her home around the same time...it's fun to watch their growth in our families!

that a girl!

Love you lots.


I think this is brilliant! I hesitate to blog more for some of the same reasons. I think I just need to use my space to reflect who I am and what is going on in our life, and forget about who agrees or disagrees with my point of view. Blogging started out as a way to connect with those who were going through something similar (China adoption), but as blogs became more sophisticated, it has become more intimidating to "keep up" with the content and style of other blogs. We are who we are, and I think we just need to keep it real. :)

Good for you!! I feel the same way, like many times I don't want to post something because it might sound lame or I don't have time to make it look or sound right or people will criticize me or whatever. But who really cares? I write the blog for my girls -- it's our memory. And that's it, really.

AMEN! So happy for you to have stayed with blogging! I love your posts either way! Keep them coming!

Sounds good, family moments shared are the best.

Whew!! When I first started reading this I thought you were going to close up shop. Even though I don't comment often to do LOVE to read your words and see your pictures.

One of the main reasons I don't blog as often are for some of the same reasons you wrote about. I often think no one, but my mom, will be interested in my silly ramblings ramblings. I am not a great photographer. Most of my pictures come from my phone. Ha!

Your knew philosophy is BRILLIANT! A blog is the perfect way to journal our dash. Thank you for this post.

ps. I will always be here to follow The Boy and His Cricket. :o)

Lordy! I really need to proof-read before hitting the send button. Yikes!!

Phew....my heart was beating fast as I thought you might close things up. So thankful you're continuing your blog for the reasons that work for you!

One thing I did last fall that has greatly relaxed my writing is that I no moderate every comment before it's posted to the blog. And my theory (that I learned from a great bloggy friend) is, 'My Blog. My Delete Key.'

If I don't like what someone has said I don't feel any obligation to publish it and in turn I hit the delete key. For me, it's been liberating!! If someone wants to criticize me or my choices (or often 'assumed' choices some readers make) I read it, head for the delete key, and it's gone. I no longer stress about who may have read that hurtful comment. And ya know what....since adding moderation the rude commenter has not commented one single time. Yay!! They are no longer getting their kick out of seeing hurtful things on my blog so they seem to have gone elsewhere. Yay!

So friend, I look forward to following along. The good, the bad, the witty, the challenging, the sad....whatever! I'll be here to enjoy!

Love you and your family! So thankful God brought us together through this wonderful world of blogging!

I love the new design!

My blog will change eventually, too! Don't have time right now, though! Gotta PACK!


This is so beautiful Kayce. I feel your heart. I applaud your stance your being true to yourself. It is simple, pure. Live and blog for you, your memories, your kids.


AMEN!!! I admire you and your honesty.

God Bless,

I enjoy whatever it is that you put on your blog. I think you are a wonderful person and mother. I could never think anything different!

This is perfect and wonderful. A reminder to us all of the real reasons we blog. Not to be more popular, not to worry about others opinions, not for anyone else but ourselves.

I need to do this more. I need to stop writing for who is reading and write only for myself. I know my far away family relies on the blog for Mia updates and sometimes I feel pressure to post for them. I need to let that go and write from my heart more. Thanks for making me realize that.