16 January 2012

Monday, January 16, 2012 - 6 comments

Knock knock

Dear J....

Yesterday I watched you knock on the door of a young lady.  On our drive over to her house you were quiet and pensive.  I'm sure you didn't want me around on this your first outing with a girl let alone go to the door and knock unknowing who'd answer...your friend, her mother or her father.  As I sat there and watched you wait for the door to open, I was filled butterflies for you!  I wanted to look away but I couldn't until the door opened and there was her dad and I knew then and there you probably wanted to turn and run but you didn't...you shook his hand and walked inside and the door shut behind you.  And to be honest I had wet eyes knowing you were nervous as heck!

It may be crazy that I'm writing this down here but I don't want to forget.  I don't want to forget that I was proud of you and was impressed that you took it upon yourself to be a brave young man and do what is right when taking a girl out on a date...even if it was just for a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop.  I also don't want you to forget this moment either.  Although you and this young lady may only be friends, you showed her parents that they are sending their daughter out with a responsible young man who puts her first.  You not only gave respect to yourself and the girls family, but to your family as well.  Thank you!  

I'm loving watching this new stage in your life unfold....you fill me with nervous butterflies sometimes but most of all you fill me with pride!  Thanks for including us along on your ride.  :)



That is so sweet! What a gentleman you have on your hands. I know you are one proud Mommy!

Ooo...goose bumps reading this! Exciting times!

What a sweet young man you have there mom!

PS - I still remember my first 'date'. Do you? :o)

Raised by amazing parents..

As a mother of a little girl now, I appreciate Godly mother's of boys more than ever. I pray that there is a mom like you in the life of my daughter's future husband.

Congrats to the big girl!

Oops, that was meant for the previous post! I got confused. Sorry! But wow, what a moment for you and for him!