18 January 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012 - 7 comments

Bye, bye diapers!

My sweet girl,

Well it seems you've decided that diapers are not something you want to add to your attire anymore!  You woke up two weeks ago yesterday and told me, "No diapers mommy!"  Of course I took that statement and ran with it!  As hard as I've tried these last few months, you just weren't ready until it became your idea and low and behold you finally thought it was time you made the choice.  :)

We've had fun exploring many public restrooms, which for mommy is not fun especially the state beach bathrooms!  But for you I'll search high and low to keep you on your goal of no more diapers.  Your favorite public spot so far was Ikea....you were SO excited to see an entire bathroom for YOU!  Little potties, little sinks and mirrors down low and of course now you expect all bathrooms to accommodate you.  Last Sunday was the first time at Sunday school with no diapers and you did great and you were even more excited to see that the bathroom was just your size there as well!!

I can't believe how quickly you are growing up...going is the baby and in it's place is emerging this sweet little girl who's taking on the world full force!!  One of the things that I'll be sad to say goodbye to are your onsies....for me those have always been a staple in my children's lives until potty training starts.   So today we will pack them away and put away all the clothes that hinder the path to the potty....Keep up the good work baby girl!!  Now don't let drivers training happen too soon!



.....my sweet princess! xoxoxo,m

Great job Cricket! Chloe has tried but is not really that interested. I want it to be her decision she has had too many things decided for her.

Keep up the good work!

Great job little J...

Way to go Baby J!!! This is such a good feeling..... I am anxious to see how Reags takes to the whole potty training thing. She is starting to take her diaper off whenever it is wet, so I was wondering if I should start..... Both Nick and Sarah showed signs around 2 and then once they found out what was involved, they quickly reverted back to diapers for a little longer. I am not going to push it.....

Hope all is well in sunny CA~



Hooray! That is such a big deal :) Congrats!

How exciting!!! I can't believe how quickly they are all growing and changing. We aren't quite ready for the potty training, but I feel it's getting close!!

Woot!! Woot!!! Cricket!!!!

Way to go Cricket! Sounds like you and Hannah got the same idea at the same time!

Exploring bathrooms seems to be the thing 2yo's like to do. How fun that you've found some little ones. Hannah has only found that at Sunday School yet still proceeded to pee pee on her dress as she goes on her own when she needs to go. Oops! This week I taught her to hold up her dress when she has to go. So much to learn!

*sniff* Bye bye onesies!