11 November 2011

Friday, November 11, 2011 - 14 comments

Favorite Photo Friday - A Picture Tells a Thousand Stories!

The awe and pure joy in this little girls face was worth every minute of our 48 hour trip to the happiest place in the world!  From opening to closing our little cricket just smiled, ooooohhhhed and awwwwwed the entire time...well except for the two hour nap in the middle of the happiest place on earth.
If you asked her what her favorite ride was she'd tell you Dumbo or maybe the train ride.  
But meeting Tigger and Pooh put her completely over the top of joy!  We were quite hesitant about how she'd react to these giant real life characters that she LOVES....she wasn't bothered in the least and pushed people out of her way to get to them and give them the biggest hug and kiss on the nose.  The SWEETEST thing EVER!!

And then the most coveted of all meetings....Oh the awe!  There were tears but only on my part as I watched my daughter give a hug and have a little chat with a mouse about his show that is her favorite to watch.  The picture is horrible but I actually kinda like it....the room has horrible lighting and Big J had the camera because I was a bubbling mess of tears and I really wanted to just watch her meet the mouse.  I do have to say that lugging my big camera around for 12+ hours was hard, I didn't get enough pictures and I even wacked a poor kid in the head with it once.  Oops! I want to go back with a point and shoot and do it all over again.  :)  
This trip was more than I had ever imagined!  I was worried about the overstimulating atmosphere but our girl did great!  I fretted about the rides being to dangerous for our sprout, but she was totally safe in her daddy's arms and all she wanted to do was ride them over and over and over, especially the roller coaster in T Town!  I was concerned about spending the money but then someone in line came up to us and gave us an extra ticket and then I knew it was meant to be and to just go and enjoy the day....and we did just that!  And now we hear alllll day long, "when can we go to Disneyland again mommy daddy??"

the long road


It is hard to imagine that Disney could be so awesome. We (the whole family) went to Disney. It was amazing.

Your pictures are amazing.


Priceless! It is so amazing to take your children. The look on their faces when see everything unfold is unforgettable.

What a magical moment in time! SO happy that it was a huge success.

Keep smilin!

There is something seriously magical about Disney. Nothing can compare. These photos are wonderful and I really do like that last one!

¡Que bien se lo pasan los niños con estos personajes! ¡que carita de felicidadE

Awwwwee!!! Truly there is no happier place on earth! How exciting to hear that Cricket enjoyed herself so much! She and Hannah can get together and swap 'Mickey's House' stories!! Maybe someday we can take the girls to DLand together??!!!

Toooooo cute..
Love her little tutu... she is growing up soooo fast..
Love ya

Love your photos and sounds like you had a great trip. Am I alone in being amused at the irony of the sign in the first photo: the combination of Never Land, where no-one ever grew up, and children must be supervised at all times :)

Oh, how fun!! What a priceless time together! We are planning our first trip to Disneyland in March and your pictures make me want to go all the more! :)

The one of her hugging Mickey is absolutely precious!!! Disney is such a special place. So happy she obviously loved it from your pics and beautiful words!!!

And she's adorable in her red tutu. :)


I agree! Disney is SO magical! I love seeing your littles beam with giddiness!! I'm so happy to be following along your journey through life! You're posts always inspire me in one way or antoher. So happy I could share a little of God's love and mercy with you today! xoxo Brooke

Great photos with such memories they carry!!!

Disneyland is my favorite childhood memory. We used to go every year. I loved the pictures. It looks like you guys had a great time!


What precious pics..I can't wait to take our sugarplum to Disneyland! She loves your pictures too, by the way...especially the one of Jennifer (who she insists looks like Lauren Davenport) and Pooh!