20 September 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011 - 2 comments

Moving forward with a new attitude!

Where do I begin after my last post...I guess by saying that I'm enjoying spending more time with my family than with my computer obviously as it's quite apparent in my lack of posting.   We are moving along in the 30 Days of Nothing challenge as well as can be expected but now with a new pair of glasses to look through.   We did spend a little this weekend to be quite honest but I'd budgeted this into our month and ended up spending less than I'd budgeted!  What did we do??  We went to the fair on Saturday.
I'd already planned a lesson plan on farm animals for last week before we'd jumped on board for the 30 days challenge and had planned on incorporating our cricket's first trip to the fair with my lesson.   I budgeted the cost for our lunch and entry cost once we'd started the challenge and thankfully I'm so opposed to spending right now we came out with almost half of our cash still in hand which went directly into the bowl for giving away.
We had so much fun in the livestock area with our friends the Wises and shared a few nibbles with the sheep.  Little miss cricket was in such awe of those guys!  We talked just the day before how sheep sometimes have a coat on and sometimes their shaved and their coats are used for certain things like clothes or blankets for people...Little miss was impressed they had their clothes on.  She also was SOOOOO very happy to see her Ben and Jerry cows there and kept trying to run up to them to say hi, only these cows were MUCH bigger than our friends at Grans and Pops.  The pigs were a big hit too, especially the momma pig with all her MANY babies fighting for a bite to eat.  Our little farm lesson came to life from paper to the real thing and it was awesome to see her grasp it all.
My dream of deep fried artichokes and calamari treats was only a dream as we stuck with a sandwich each and a drink, oh and a way yummy pretzel!  We'd had plans of eating and eating and eating our way through and when it came down to it...well it just didn't happen.  But fun was most definitely had in so many ways and for the first time in many fair years we came home hungry and having no regrets of overdoing it on fried food and copious amounts of cotton candy...it felt pretty darn good!  

My meal plan (dinners only) for the week is as follows:

We enjoyed the Fish Tacos with Lime-Cilantro Crema with my uncle on Sunday and tonight we wished we had more of that Barbecued Chicken Pizza.  I've made that once before and it was a huge hit and it is OH SO EASY!   We're looking forward to more family coming into town all week and while I'd love to take them all out to some of our favorite restaurants in town but we're going to enjoy a meal around our family table and enjoy each other's company in our own space and maybe just enjoy a walk or two on the beach after.  Hopefully none of our meals will involve one of these guys below....I LOVED seeing these fruits and vegetables turned into something other than meals.  :)  


Hooray for you! You did fabulous. I'm impressed you made it the whole trip to the fair without buying any of those yummy fried treats. ;-)

Your menu looks delicious. Did you make the chicken & broccoli casserole already or is that for this week? If you did, how did you like it? I'm always looking for ways to use broccoli in a recipe.

Love your fair pics. Cricket looks adorable feeding the sheep.


You are so amazing to have stuck with this challenge so far! Tate and I went to the fair for the first time the other day, in the rain, spending a ton of money on three rides a corn dog, fries and a funnel cake. The funnel cake was for me since it was something I had not had before. Next time I will save the $6.00.

Love the recipes you are posting. Does the Cricket eat these? I am finding such challenge lately feeding Tate.