12 September 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011 - 4 comments

It's a new week!

After last weeks spending spree on brakes for the car I can now say I've gotten the desire to shop outta my system...NOT!  Holy cow!  This last weekend was hard but let me explain...we make the majority of our not so smart purchases on the weekend.  We're always looking for a way to get out of the house and away from the fog so we venture out into the great wide open.  Sometimes it's a mall..sometimes it's a bike ride or sometimes it's a lazy hour at a coffee shop with a stroll through random shops.  Whatever it is though we spend.  So instead of buying frivolously, I just went grocery shopping.  I spent under $100 for the week ahead and have some yummmmmies planned!  We did almost cave on the tri-tip sandwiches that were being sold in the parking lot...you could smell the grill as soon as you opened your door and we were instantly hungry!  Gerrrrrr...but our peanut butter and apples were waiting for us when we got home.  :)  Sacrifices right??
Saturday I cooked all afternoon to prepare us for a very busy week ahead....Here's my plan for the week along with pictures from dinner on Saturday night!

Sunday - Asparagus Fish Bake with leftover mashed potatoes and artichokes.
Monday - Turkey and Spinach Lasagna - I pre-made this and cut it in half and froze some after I baked it.  We'll have the other half in a week or two.  Oh and yes, I used that remaining tomato paste.  Pat on the back.
Tuesday - Chicken Lettuce Cups and grilled zucchini.
Wednesday - Hearty Potato Soup and a salad.
Thursday - Classic Pot Roast that will be slow cooking all day.  I'm planning on prepping this while the soup cooks on Wednesday so all I have to do is turn it on in the morning.  This is a LONG day for all of us and I'm so excited to not have to do anything but eat when we get home.
Friday - Leftovers
Saturday - Fresh Tomato, Sausage & Pecorino Pasta and a salad.
I'll also make a batch of Elvis Muffins for us to snack on all week long and use up all those bananas that didn't get eaten last week.

So there it is!  Ooooo but let me share this yummy dish (pictured) that I used that jar of Mango Chutney that's been in the pantry for at least three years....Obviously I did not make the apricot chutney that the recipe called for because I had that lovely jar in the pantry which I'm sure saved me at least a few bucks.  It was supper easy, supper good and I only burned my hand twice when I grabbed the pan after I took it out of the oven.  :)
Here's to a great week ahead and thank goodness we're to busy to be able to stop for latte or lunch for that matter!  :)


all I can say is, I wish i lived close to come to your house for dinner.


You're doing an awesome job Kayce! I'm very impressed with your menu planning. I actually wrote down a menu for this week on Sunday afternoon. Hoping I stick to it.

bow to the greatness that is your menu.

I need lessons!!!

Go girl!

Yea more yummies to try...thanks. Good on you for resisting the sandwiches.....you will reap the benefits, I promise.

We seem to have fallen into a pattern, there is 1/2 the "asking for stuff" now from our kids. WHEW, go glad that is almost over! A bunch of that is my fault because I love to buy things for them. I am now learning how to use that to the fullest.

Have a good week. I think I am trying the potato soup first