09 September 2011

Friday, September 09, 2011 - 7 comments

It was almost a week of nothing.

Well we're winding down on week two of the 30 Days of Nothing challenge and I'm pretty sure if this were some Survivor-Biggest Looser-American Idol show, we would have been voted off this week.  It's been a doozy!   Unfortunately for us we had to have new brakes put on my car this week...yeah there goes the Christmas spending spree and my shining gold star for the week.  I tried to wait but the ever increasing squealing coming from my car was becoming an issue to anyone remotely near me and of the teenager was throughly embarrassed when I picked him up at school.  And then I caved and got a latte...but it was free.  But still....I didn't want to use that free drink coupon until October...but I used it anyway.  Ahhhhh is it Monday yet??

Okay...moving on and getting over my pity party and sharing in the positives...I've deleted every Zulilly and Jack Threads email without even opening them...that's great!  I've spent $100 on our groceries this week and that's it....that's AWESOME!   I've used up a couple of boxes of stock, a few potatoes, some chicken, eggs and sausages and last night I used up the lentils and tomato paste that have been sitting in my pantry for a.very.long.time....that's awesome great!  So if you don't count the nice bill from the break man, I'm doing pretty good I think.

So here was dinner on night eight of this challenging challenge!   With a lot of fog for us this year, our nights are damp and cool so I thought this Rosemary-Scented Lentils and Sausage dish looked like it would warm us up perfectly!
Once again this delish dish comes from myrecipes.com and was new for us try.  With this challenge we'll be trying a lot of new things due to the oddities in the pantry, so I'm having fun discovering new tastes!   
For me during these 30 days I'm also challenging myself to be less wasteful.  This can of tomato paste that I only used one tablespoon out of I would normally just toss it and move on.  Well I'm saving the remainder and will use it somewhere in the next week.  :)  
Ahh the finished dish of course served up with a spinach salad only this time I toasted some pine nuts (that were once lost in my pantry) to sprinkle on the top.  Our little miss had never had these buttery tasty nuts and she wanted more mommy, more mommy now!  
And you ask if it was good....It was awesome good!  Thumbs up good!  The toddler ate it all up good!   And the best part???  The recipe made enough for another meal in the future!  I've packed it up and put it in the freezer to pull out for another foggy day. 


you are amazing, girlfriend!


That is one of our favorite meals with veggie sausage too! IT is so wonderful to be able to pull things out of the freezer when you need them . Looks delicious! I am not very good about photos of our food. I am usually remember have way threw the prep phase when I remember.

Brakes are a huge have to have Kayce!! It is a safty thing. So, no don't feel guilty about it. You are doing great at this challenge.
So, instead of being a little hick-up you had a bump in the road..... thats okay!!!

Luv ya,

Me again!! FYI Zulilly has Matilda Jane on sale today..... I know I died when I saw it. Thank goodness Princess is to big for it.
= )

Ok, so brakes on the car - seriously a must. You didn't slip up, girl! You're doing great and I seriously, SERIOUSLY wanted to be at the table when you served that meal. Seriously.


Thanks for stopping at my blog! OK, I think Someone is trying to tell me something. :) Your blog is the second one in TWO DAYS that has a post up about this 30-Day No spending challenge.

We are doing 30 days (or more maybe hopefully?) of no eating out. At all. We don't eat out too much but it is nice to have the option. But this month, we're not. So far, so good. Today, we were out and all 5 kids are begging, "Mommy, P-L-E-A-S-E stop at Sonic! PLEASE!" I restrained myself. I honestly don't know how LOL! We came home and ate leftovers for lunch plus I opened one can of Mandarin oranges to go with it. And really, we were all well-fed and happy. And it cost me a can of mandarin oranges. Leftovers in our fridge tend to get thrown out if we don't eat them the next day, so that is a big challenge for me. Use them the next day in some way or like you did, freeze them for later.

Thanks for this post. I too am refraining from any on-line shopping. My weakness is christianbooks.com (I know, books? But that is my weakness :)

Yummy recipe AGAIN. I think we are supposed to spend money on things that save our life, silly. You are doing so wonderful in this challenge. An inspiration to me. We had an incident this week that had me puzzled for a minute. Claire received a STICKER everyday. Which indicates the best behavior. She never goes off of green, but this week she went out of her way to be wonderfully behaved. Not spending money on treats this month.....how about alone time with mom at the park? Worked out much better than any treat we could've bought! I am so thankful that this challenge came along to kick me in the patootie and get back into life.

Hello Ms. Kayce, Hello Ms. Jennifer!!! The two of you can come over and cook at my house anytime! Looks so yummy!