26 September 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011 - 3 comments

The final stretch!

I can not believe this month is almost done!!  WOW!  I'm not ready for this challenge to be done! We have plans for moving forward with the 30 Days of Nothing challenge and making it a focus in our house for many months to come.  There is a change coming in our household and these last few weeks have been proof to us that this is possible and we can save and move forward with what's been shown to us with a positive outcome.  Sacrifice is how we change the world around us!  God's grace is so amazing to me!

I adore basil!  I love getting big bunches of it and smelling it all week as I clip away at it for meals and I might just need to make a little pesto this week too!  :)
The week ahead for us is FULLLL!  It's homecoming week for one and the overwhelming preparation for it will come to a head this week when the dance steps Big J has been working on are pounded out and the float that will carry our son and many of his friends passes us by on the streets of our town.  I CAN NOT WAIT!  I just hope he doesn't mind when his little cricket and I sneak into the assembly at school to see the dance off between the classes....GO class of 2013!!!!

We'll also be starting a new series at church this week called God Is and all of us will be joining a bible study that start Wednesday nights.  I was a bit hesitant to do this evening activity since it falls right smack in the middle of our dinner hour BUT the last month has taught me how to improvise meals more than anything!  So for the next 7 weeks instead of going out to grab a bite before we go, we'll have a picnic/sack dinner together before we head our separate ways for the evening.   Also after much thought, we decided to have our girl do Awana this year instead of waiting a year.  Even though the class is at night, it does happen during our bible study and we know miss cricket will love it!  Maybe she'll asleep the night through from being so worn out??  :)   I'm also excited to start a new photo challenge (as recommend by my husband) appropriately called God Is.  I can't wait to share his idea with everyone!  Stay tuned!!

As for emptying our pantry this last week and meals....we've got some serious leftovers!  Several meals I'd planned for last week didn't happen because of sheer exhaustion on my part so we enjoyed the lasagna and the lentil soup I'd made and had froze especially for days just like that!  I wanted SO bad to go out but instead I just put that money in the giveaway bowl.  We also had many family visitors last week and all of them let me spoil them with a home cooked meal instead of going out.  I was so grateful for their understanding of our desires to keep it simple and cheap!!  This weeks meals are as follows:

And one leftover.
A little leftover waffle breakfast this morning.  

We'll enjoy those heros while we watch the homecoming parade along with a bag of chips and of course the click of a camera. What's on your meal plan for the week??   


Mmm, I can smell the basil from here! Way to go on all that you have accomplished!

I am not a photographer...but think (if I can remember) I'll try your photo challenge. I like your concept!!! So...does your awana do puggles?? My kids have been in awana forever, but we start at cubbies, so our K isn't involved yet. Probably next year!! My kids all LOVE awana :)

Just so you know....I am buying something at 12:01 on fri. So glad we made it.