22 August 2011

Monday, August 22, 2011 - 8 comments


As everyone knows we LOVE to go on bike rides and we're always looking forward to the next trip.  Recently I got a new bike and while we were looking at what would work for me at a bike shop our little cricket jumped on a little kids bike with training wheels and took off like a professional biker!  We were shocked and awed!  She steered all around the shop and tested every single bike she could climb up on.  We then realized that the sweet little red trike we got her for her birthday wasn't going to cut it much longer but she is far from riding with us on her own bike.  Currently we have a bike trailer that she has really enjoyed for about a year now but she can not actually participate in the ride with us.  I am always filling the trailer with books and snacks to keep her occupied inside and of course it never fails that she falls fast asleep within a few miles of the ride.  While we've LOVED the trailer, we knew it wasn't what we really wanted in the long run and it would quickly become a bit boring for our girl.
Then on a ride two weekends ago I saw a family riding that had a tailer bike that the child was strapped into.  Instantly I knew we had to find that and find one quick because this little cricket is all into helping and doing it herself...miss independent!  As soon as we got home we started researching this type of trail-a-bike and found that there are very few of these types of trail-a-bikes out there until I stumbled on the Weehoo!  Oh my goooodness!  I got busy on trying to find one locally and was praying for a used one on Craigslist but had no luck there!  No one wants to get rid of one of these!  We finally found a bike shop in the Bay Area that just got two in and we grabbed one fast!  

We picked it up and immediately headed out for a ride.  We brought along the old trailer just in case little miss was unhappy with her new bike-a but she was bouncing off the walls to get in it and get going!  SCORE!  The Weehoo is amazing and worth every cent!  The rider has a very comfy seat with a three point harness to strap them in and prevent them from falling out.  There are two mesh pockets on either side of the seat to hold a few items like a water bottle and a snack or two.  The seat has an easy release to move the seat forward or back to accommodate the child.  We were initially worried the cricket wouldn't fit or be able to reach the pedals but at the most forward notch she fits perfectly!  I've read that bike can accommodate a child up to 10+ depending on the size of the child.  The seat also has some grips or handle bars and of course pedals to help with the ride.  The pedals have straps on them that have to be used to keep the child's feet in place and must be used.  We were also a little worried our girl wouldn't want to be confined that way but she never once complained.  

Once strapped in the child can help move the bike or can relax and enjoy the ride without moving the pedals at all.  Throughout our first ride little miss did a little of both and we went on a short ride the next day and she peddled backwards for most of the ride but it didn't affect the ride at all.  I also love the storage packs on either side of the tire...they have enough space to store a few things including a small picnic and a diaper or two.  I was worried that we'd miss the storage space that the trailer held but soon realized we didn't need to bring any books or toys to occupy our cricket...she now can be a part of the ride and that's more entertaining than anything else. 

Our initial ride lasted almost four hours and not once did we hear a complaint, we only heard giggles from the back, and we got a lot of stares from people intrigued by the Weehoo's awesomeness!   It's pretty awesome!   Did I already say that??  :)    We Weehoo, do you?  


This looks fabulous! Loved actually seeing it in action! wow, what an adorable smile she has!

Ridiculously cool, something that would be awesome for Alina. She was glued to the screen the entire video, exclaiming "dat so awesome!" lol

Love it Kayce!! We might have to look in to this for JJ.
Have a great day!!

I love the child seat. I have not seen one like that.


OMGosh! I will be weehooing very soon! gotta check this out! thanks for sharing!! I just LOVE seeing little Cricket giggling and having so much fun with mommy and daddy! Life is Good!! :)

Absolutely love this...and what an awesome video too!!!

That is SO cool! We have a similar hitch for when they get a little bigger and can ride a two-wheeler but you don't to worry about them going out into traffic or off course while you're all riding together. My youngest loved it!
So jealous that you get to bike around Golden Gate Park!!!!! :)