15 July 2011

Friday, July 15, 2011 - 4 comments

A moment in life {Dog dinner in style!}

Tutu's are the rage around here.  We wear them often and do not think it odd to run to the mail box or the mall for that matter in our tutu.  So when I saw this happening it didn't surprise me but it did make me laugh!  Oh this girl is all girl and is all for helping out!
I love how Ella is looking at Mike for reassurance it seems.  I wonder what she's thinking....maybe she's concerned because someone is her size is mixing her food, or maybe she's thinking of a way to help herself?  I don't know but it's pretty funny!  The tippy toes just kill me!!  If she could get on the very tips of those toes to help cook or clean the dishes in the sink she would!
And of course once a task is started where our cricket is helping, she must complete it fully!  No matter how long it takes and how much those dogs are jumping around and begging for the event to hurry up, she must finish what she started.   And of course in this picture I strongly believe that Summit is very concerned that our girl is actually going to eat her dinner and not share.  She didn't of course and the dogs finally got to eat even though there may have been a few extra kibble in there and a sneeze or two but definitely not a piece of tutu, heaven for bid!  :)
I'm loving doing this "Moment in Life" post weekly.  It has really made me take more notice of the simplest of things that go on in the house on a daily basis.  It also makes me pull out my camera and forces me to snap away which is something I've been very lax at lately!    


I agree, the tippy toes are the best shot; you captured it perfectly! Love her girlie cuteness!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Hi Kayce!!

Love this post! Jenny is absolutely precious in her Tutu!!

Your other baby's steal my heart though!! Those eyes are to endearing! I am mourning our loss of our precious ESS Molly just a couple of weeks ago. It has been rather difficult..... it was not a great way to end our peaceful vacation to Newport Beach,CA.

We are waiting to adopt another ESS until we know if we may be moving or not. Hopefully we will find out something soon!


The second pictures deserves a beautiful spot on your wall, beautiful, well done!! Your so inspiring behind that lens!!

Love this post. You've encouraged me to find a 'moment in life' to capture this week and post about it.