20 July 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011 - 12 comments

Black and White Wednesday - Splish Splash!

A bucket + A pair of your favorite boots + A sunny day.  + A cup or two...
Equals pure joy and hours of fun!
We're having the most unusual of summers here and of course we're taking full advantage of the warmth, the sun and the lack of fog!  On this afternoon as I was watering the flowers and doing some pruning of the roses I noticed my little cricket was really wanting to play in the dogs water bowl and I quickly jumped on the idea in my head and pulled out the toy bucket and filled it up!
The joy in her face was instantaneous as soon as I said jump in!  She of course looked at me like I was crazy because she was fully clothed.  I wanted to see if she'd actually get in a bucket of water with her clothes on...she did.  And yes, she even wore her prized boots in as well.  The giggles started.  The clothes came off, well all except for the boots that is.  :)
Happy Wednesday!  
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Such fun!!! Sun, a bucket, boots and nuttin' else...perfect when you're 2!

hey thats all your need! hehehe what great pics!

How cute - I love that first shot.

Adorable Kacye! Looks like your little one had a blast playing in the bucket with water. Isn't it amazing how little things are the most exciting for our kids? :-)

love it....what a great idea

Amazing how a bucket of water can entertain for so long! Love the boots.

Oh my word- those are TOO ADORABLE!

Kayce, these are absolutely precious! I think every child needs a shot like that --of them in a huge bucket or a basin. :)

So fun! Love that last photo!

LOL what fun pictures!!!!!!!!! I love love love the one of her sweet little legs and rain boots!!! Please tell me you are framing it?

Love, love, love these pictures. I need to plan a way to get up and see you guys. It has been far too long!

These are just....ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!