06 July 2011

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Black and White Wednesday - Fabulous Fourth Fun!

Our Fourth of July weekend was filled with fun, sun and good times! 
There is never enough hours in the day when you're out camping with family and friends and the fun is on overtime!   
We spent the holiday at a fabulous campground in Paso Robles called Wine Country RV Resort and it was truly wine country!  
We were surrounded by hundreds of winery's and thousands of acres of vineyards all while enjoying blissfully hot temperatures!  
We wore our stars and stripes all weekend and enjoyed getting our feet out of our socks and Uggs!
We had more fun in the eight dollar blow up pools than we ever could have imagined!
The smiles were contagious!
We spent an afternoon at the coast to cool down from the 107 degree heat and found ourselves in Cayucos where everyone was vying for a seat for a perfect small town parade...which was two days away!  The town was jumping with excitement and there were chairs lining the streets decorated for the upcoming holiday!  We ate at a fabulous restaurant, Ruddell's Smokehouse which was featured in Sunset mag this month for the best fish tacos and they are completely worth the wait to get in the two person building!
And of course we tasted wine!  Lots of wine!  We toured Eberle Winery and went from the hottest time of day outside to the cool underground caves were their oh so tasty wine is.  The place is beautiful!  And the 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah is worth the stop and the wait to buy a few bottles!  Oh and it's dog friendly and kid friendly too!  :)  Besides Eberle, we enjoyed tastings at several winery's over the course of our visit in the area.  The last time I went tasting here there were only about 60 winery's and today there are over 200 including, Eagle Castle, Meridian, Robert Hall, EOS, Four Vines, Firestone, Red Rover, Frolicking Frog and 100's more!  
Then the big day came where all of America dons the red, white and blue and we wave flags and enjoy hot dogs and hamburgers all the while spending time with family and friends!  We did all of those things and more while we eagerly awaited the firework shows that we'd been hearing about for the last four days!  We even were able to catch a few silly faces while we waited!
Several winery's do a firework show as well as the town of Paso Robles and we were lucky enough to be camping right in the middle of them all!  So not only did we have vineyards surrounding our campground we had a firework show like no other!  The cost to camp here was pricy but by the time we finished our oooohhhhhs and ahhhhhhhhhs it was worth every penny and we'd do it all over again next year!   It was a fabulous fourth!  And if I had to say my most favorite part...it would hands down be when the fireworks started and our little cricket was in awe...after a few minutes she started saying, "one for mommy...one for daddy...one for me!  YEA!!"  And she'd start all over again with each boom.  Priceless moment which brought me to tears.  
Hop on over to The Long Road to China (and back) for more fabulous black and white images!  
Hope everyone is enjoying the fun days of summer!!


absolutely beautiful pictures. I can already taste he wine...slurp. happy 4th to you.

What a fun time! You sure captured the feel of the weekend perfectly

What a wonderful 4th you all had!!! Love every single pic Kayce!



Sounds like the perfect weekend. Love that first shot.

Erika B

This post and these images are just screaming summer time fun, perfect memories. I love it!

What a FUN FOURTH!!!!

Love all of these images Kayce....you captured so many great moments. Where did you get that adorable striped dress?

Hope you have a great week~



Awesome summer fun!!! Looks like a GREAT way to spend the 4th!! :)