15 June 2011

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Black and White Wednesday - A day in the life

Welcome to my kitchen.  Come in and sit down while I cook up a little bit of something for you.  Would you like some tea?  I make a great cup of tea!  My kitchen is my space to create and inspire!  You never know what I might cook up for lunch or dinner but for breakfast it's always bread with tea.  Sometimes I'll even have a little yogurt for you too or even some ice cream...yes I serve ice cream for breakfast!!
We LOVE to play in the kitchen!  Not a day goes by where little miss cricket is in her space cooking up a storm.  Usually she is making dinner while I am making dinner since that time of night is tough for mommy to get anything done!  So I hand over a job for her to do in her kitchen so I can get the real food on the table before midnight.  Sometimes I have her make bread or bake a chicken for me while I've got my own hands full of chicken and vegetables.  She eagerly runs over and gets started on her task.
Of course the phone rings while she's gathering her ingredients and the conversations are more than hysterical and they are becoming more and more clear every day!  She's gone from "babble, babble, babble, mommy, yea, no, babble", to "Um sure but I'm making dinner right now."  The other day I heard her on the phone with Elmo while she was in her kitchen and the conversation was all about trying to get Elmo off the phone so she could "get dinner on the table!".  By the time I got the Flip out she'd hung up on the poor guy.  
Never fails there's much sampling of her cooking!  If she's not doing it herself, she's rushing over to me to have me try her cooking out.  I can get through about 10 minutes of my own prep before I've got to take a 15 minute break and sit down and enjoy a good cup of tea and enjoy a plate of something.  I love how her attention to detail is spot on and her constant checking to see if I need anything is never ending. She is a gracious hostess!  Now I need to see if we can work on the clean up part of kitchen work!  ;)
After my 15 minute break the phone usually starts to ring again, hummm I wonder who that could be!  Yea, Elmo calling again!!   He calls A LOT!!   I casually excuse myself at this point and make my way back to preparing dinner and I listen with joy to her kitchen conversations as they fill my soul as I watch this little girl.  At some point daddy comes home and the squeals start, "DADDY'S HOME!!!" and all is forgotten in the kitchen after the cricket has given her daddy a quick cup of tea!  

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Hey! Our girls have a friend in common; Elmo used to call here all the time too! Love these shots.

Oh my she's looking all grown up :)

Absolutely adorable! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and seeing the photos of your little one. Sometimes it is worth the delay in whatever we need to get done to just sit and soak up all their adorableness. They don't stay this way for too long... *sigh* I am so glad we have blogs to document all this, so that we could look back on this years later. :)

She sounds like she is fun to listen to! Chloe is just beginning to sing recognizable songs. At first she began by singing "up above" the words to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, but now we hear "Tinkle, Tinkle" in there too!

Great shots! Wish our kitchen looked as tidy as hers!


I remember when my daughter used to do the same thing with me. She's so adorable. Amazing how she has grown. Hope you enjoyed your meal!

Love her kitchen. :-)

Adorable! LOVE those play kitchens!!!

Adorable photos. I love her little kitchen.

Oh goodness - could this be any cuter. Talk about a dream kitchen. Love it!!

Yeah, that is one awesome kitchen. Love the pictures and the stories!

She's just the cutest!! Adorable post, love her little kitchen and the way she plays. My boys and girl loved their kitchen.


Oh she is sweet..love the phone shot:)


oh my goodness she is such a stinkin' cutie! I totally want to take her home with me! Beautiful photos!

She all of a sudden looks so much older. Could it be the hairdo? Such little cutie. I remember both girls doing a lot of "cooking" in their little kitchen at the same age. So sweet!

Erika B

Too precious for words!!!

Cricket and Hannah will get along just fine! Cricket serves ice cream for breakfast and Hannah chocolate! Mmmm...maybe you and I could have them prepare us a hot fudge sundae for breakfast some day?