08 May 2011

Sunday, May 08, 2011 - 8 comments

Happy Mother's Day!

Dear Mom....

You are the brightness which has always lit our way.

You are the joy in our hearts when we are sad.

You fill us with the fuel that feeds our soul.

You are the one we turn to when we hurt.

You are the wind that pushes us when things are hard.

You bring us pleasure with smile.

You are the love that we've passed onto your grandchildren.

You are the one that never fails to love us unconditionally.

You spoil us with your contagious sprit of fun and adventure!

You are treasures to us more than you'll ever know!

Thank you to each of you for everything you've done for us today, tomorrow and yesterday!  

Happy Mother's Day Mom!
Love...Mike and Kayce


BEAUTIFUL!!! Love all the pictures of your Mom.....and of course your sweet Jenny:)

Happy Mother's Day to you too Kace!



Happy Mother's Day my dear friend..
Love you tons..
Have a great day..

your Mom must be very special. She raised one lovely daughter!

Happy Mother's Day to you both.


Beautiful pictures and words!!!
Happy Mother's Day Kayce! Enjoy this special day with your family.


It has been my greatest honor to be your Mommie....xoxoxo!

Happy Mother's Day Kayce!!!

Beautiful!! I cannot believe how your sweet Jenny has grown in a year!

Happy Mother's Day sweet Kayce!!

So truly beautiful....words and photos of the women who love all of you...and whom you love!