25 April 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011 - 5 comments

Spring Break!!


We are FINALLY on Spring Break!
The little cricket is loving having her bubba home all day! 
It seems as though the rest of the nation or world for that matter has already had a week of lazy mornings, no scrambling to get out the door or nights of homework headaches.  Now it's our turn to do nothing but what the day leads us to do.   We are taking advantage of the opportunity to tour Cal Poly San Luis Obispo this week as well as throw a summer job interview in the mix for Big J.  Other than that it's sleeping in and the brown lunch sacks can collect dust!

Trying to keep up with the Spring Fling...phew this is tough!


Have a wonderful break!!

LOVE the picture!! Cricket looks so happy!!!

Wow friend....you are the patient ones! This late in April is a long wait after Christmas for a well deserved break! Hope Mr J enjoys it to the fullest along with Mommy and little sister. Have fun!

LOVE this photo..
Reminds me of a photo of my brother throwing Nick in the air when he was little..
Love ya..
We sooo need to get together..

Just look at her face! Pure joy!

Erika B

now THAT is bliss!