03 April 2011

Sunday, April 03, 2011 - 10 comments

{My muse}

There hasn't been much time in my life that I can remember not wanting to take pictures of something.  I've had a camera or two and took photography all through high school.  Then I took a very long break and  lost all my skill it feels like sometimes.  Reluctantly picked up the magic memory keeper soon after my husband and I met.  His daughter and my son were small and adorable and full of energy then and we went everywhere and did everything that had to be saved forever in box of photos.

Quickly film was soon turned into digital love and a whole new level of skills was needed and out went my darkroom skills.  Since the early days of pocket cameras and then my love of the little green square on my Canon XTi, I slowly began to obsess again about photography, then I met my daughter.  As soon as we got home from China I took myself off auto and went to the experiment, have fun and get out of the box mode!  It's a daily learning process for me.  And I love taking pictures.  LOVE!

My family is my muse.

Enticed the family in front of my favorite big mirror and brought out the bubbles!
My family is the warmth in my heart and the smile in my soul.  I can't get enough of my daughter or my son or my husband or my family for that matter.  I want to photograph them everyday...all day and there are days that I do.  :)

Picture {Perfect}

Nancy over at Ordinary Miracles and the Crazy 8 has started a monthly photo challenge/contest, Picture Perfect and I couldn't resist!  Join in on the fun or just pop on over and enjoy the muses of others!


I love the expression on her face! What a great family shot!

What a fun photo! I love it. I am going to have to share this with My husband (aka Chloe's personal photographer)

this is just awesome! Love everything about it!


What a sweet photo of such a sweet family!!! Love it!

I love this shot! How awesome!I love taking pictures to. Although not as skilled as you I still love to photograph Cooper as well! Enjoy!

Fabulous shot of all of you!

Oh I am REALLY lovin' this shot! I love the candid-ness of it! (is that a word?) I'm always afraid to jump in my pics... so I'm impressed with your bravery too! One of my favorites!
Thank you SO much for participating,
Nancy-of the crazy 8

<3 this... what a GREAT family shot! I am afraid this is how my children will remember me in their childhood... with a camera in my face...trying to capture every. single. moment.

I think this is a great, creative shot. I'll have to copy you sometime.

SUCH a fabulous shot and I'm loving the mirror idea! It really helps capture everyone in the moment. Thanks for the inspiration to leap in and experiment!!