30 March 2011

Wednesday, March 30, 2011 - 16 comments

Black and White Wednesday - Fabulous Fun in The City!

Last weekend we received a call from my littlest sister letting us know they'd be in the Bay Area for the weekend.  Excitement went through me like lighting!  The last time we'd been together was at her wedding in June of last year in Oregon.  So we planned something and got settled on making it our adventure then of course the rain got in the way and plans were quickly changed to a night in San Francisco which made for a supper happy me!  Even better was the fact that her hubby had never been to The City so I thought well heck! let's be total tourists and meet at Fisherman's Wharf!

I absolutely adore The City.  The energy of the streets, not only from the people going every which way but the feeling of the ground rumbling below you from the cable cars all around you or the electricity sparking from the trolly busses passing you by.  It's thrilling!  No matter where you are in the city you can hear different languages spoken as you walk the sidewalks.  You will never see the same style repeated on any person.  And you will always be in awe of the sheer space in which this city is built.  Not a single space is wasted, it is packed and filled to the max!  It is an amazing city and one I never tire of.

One of the best parts of getting away from your own community is exploring new eats and San Francisco never lets you down.  This trip was a nice reason to get back to the wharf and dig into some good seafood brought right in off the boats.  Usually we find ourselves in Chinatown enjoying Dim Sum so this time it was treat to sit by the water and enjoy not only great company but fabulous food at the Crab House on Pier 39.

With full bellies and more adventure awaiting, we found ourselves in front of the ferris wheel and knew it was destined to be ridden by us!  The cricket thought the ride was a fun but she was determined to hold on as tight as she possibly could.  We adults on the other hand were a bit sick to our stomachs by the middle of the ride...word to the wise, don't sit up top!

After our spin we set out in search of a quiet space to enjoy conversation and a good cup of coffee when the smell from Boudin Bakery enticed us in!  OH man was I wishing Big J was with us because bread is his only food group and this place would have been heaven for him!  Yes that is an alligator covered with other little creatures like turtles and lobsters and crabs!  The smell coming out of that place was AMAZING!

We ended up with coffee and cookies instead and just sat and watched the baskets of bread moving across the ceiling going from the ovens to the restaurant and customers wanting to buy some good San Francisco sourdough.   Of course the cricket was in her element by being the star of the show and fitting right in as a city girl.  The girl LURVES the city life and her auntie!

The witching hour soon told us it was time to head home and say our until next times.  It was so wonderful to see my sister and hubby but oh so hard because we don't get to see each other as often as we'd like.  Hopefully the city didn't scare them off and we'll see them again for more fun and adventure soon!  Love you both!!

Wednesday means I'm linking up with Lisa's Black and White Wednesday...my favorite day of the week!  Go and enjoy more fabulous bits of black and white life as well as enjoying your own day!


What a nice visit! Lovely captures of the time together! I've only been to your area twice, but loved it both times!

these are fantastic shots!


PS. I am dying to know. What city is this?

So great to get together with your sister! We would so love to see your city and I was impressed you didn't get a babysitter (we, too, also take our little one everywhere we go!). Love the city atmosphere too!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

This was an awesome post! So much fun!

That looks like the most wonderfully fun outing. A good sister is hard to beat : ) I am glad you could go into the city! The babies boots are the CUTEST things : ) She is perfection.

She looks SO adorable in her pink hat and rain boots! ...and that b&w carousel shot is just fantastic --so sharp, great contrast... LOVE it!

I love these city shots - looks like fun!

Spectacular shots of such a fun city. I love the carosel shot and your sweetie riding it too.

What a great time!!!

what a fun time. I too love the city and the energy is just amazing!! I wish we lived close to SF rather than LA since LA does not have that vibe. What a fun time for you guys!! The cricket looks like she is having a blast!

Christy :)

What a beautiful post...great shot and b&W's!

Love the fifth and seventh photo !!!

Beautiful shots! I love how your BW looks a bit darker.

Erika B

love the pics!

Oh my heck!!! What a fun visit to the City! My bad... when bloglines changed hands, the link to your blog did not make it. I just thought you went the way of FB and not long blogged. Happily, I found my errors and can read again! Miss J is so cute and is getting so big! Missed u when we were in SF in Feb. Alas, we should be getting back to the area another time!

Just getting around to reading some of your older posts. I LOVE San Fran! It's one of my favorite places to visit. My hubby and I took a trip in November '09. It was so much fun and the photo ops were amazing. Love Boudin's and the pier. We even made it up to Sonoma for a very romantic stay at John Ash's Vintners Inn. Such wonderful memories. I so look forward to returning soon.

Lovely pictures....