16 April 2011

Saturday, April 16, 2011 - 14 comments

Birthday prayers

Across the world tonight there is a woman who I know so intimately yet I have never met her.  She stares at me each day with her eyes so brown.  She smiles up at me with such beauty that her whole face brightens.  I kiss her cheeks each morning and each night and wonder all about her.  Tonight her thoughts are beyond me.  I can only look into my daughters face and just imagine what she is pondering.

On this night two years ago this unknown woman to me began to bring a life into this amazing world!  She pushed and panted and shed a tear or two as the life I hold in my arms today slipped from her womb.  All these thoughts pass through my soul...Did she know what the next few days would bring?  Was she prepared for what was to come?  Did she know all along of her plans to share this new life with someone she'll never know? Was she convinced by another that her baby would have a better life with someone else and now does she search each face she passes to see if her eyes look back at her?

My questions will never be answered but maybe my prayers will.    I pray today that the prayers I utter are passed on to my daughters birth mother.  I pray for her comfort, her safety and most of all that her heart heals with each passing birthday of our daughter.   May a peace wash over her and give her closure for whatever transpired in the days after she brought my joy into this world.

As I think back to the day my daughter was born, I was celebrating my own birth.  It was an overly joyous day.  It was filled with wonder for the near future.  My daughter unknown to me at the time was the most talked about topic of the day.  It was hopeful.  It was blessed.  For me my daughters birthday will always be filled with the memory of that day two years ago.  It was amazing.  I may have not physically brought this child into the world but in some strange way I was there to witness it.

Tomorrow I will wake up with the sunshine and thank God for the most incredible blessing He has given me!  For without Him I know what happened two years ago would never be.  Tomorrow I hope He brings my prayers to the woman on the other side of the world who is ending her day and gives her the peace she needs to know her daughter is so very loved and treasured!   And helps her realize her choice was good no matter how hard it was or is to accept.  Thank you my sweet friend who ever you are.  We will celebrate our daughter together tomorrow!


Hi Kayce,

What a beautiful post! Sometimes I wonder how women feel after giving up their babies for adoption. It must be heart-wrenching. You are doing the right thing by praying for your daughter's birth mother. May God bless you and your family in the years to come.


So beautiful Kayce. Very emotional post for me. I so know how you feel. I often think of Sophia's birth mother. And I would give anything to bring her some comfort and to let her know that her daughter is well and loved beyond measure.

as are the two of U..
You know what you mean to me and I love you to the moon and back..
Happy Birthday to two AMAZING Girls..

Happy birthday to you both! What a sweet post, so many questions and prayers - the biggest sacrifice of their lives have equaled the greatest joys in ours. What a blessing these sweet YY girls are! happy 2nd Birthday to the Cricket and her mama!

Happy Birthday Cricket and Kayce! I often think about my birthmom on my birthday and wonder if she is thinking of me(us).

And this made me cry. What an amazing, touching, and inspirational post. Amazing words. Happy Birthday to your little one.

so tender and oh so sweet. that is you my wonderful friend.


Kayce- what a beautiful beautiful post {{{{{{hug}}}}}}} Happy Birthday to your sweet little Cricket..what a blessing she is.

Wow...that was very touching. A got a little teary reading this.

Happy Birthday to you both!

Just beautiful! Happy Birthday to you both!

wow! I love reading your posts!
Hope sweet cricket has a wonderful Birthday.

Happy Birthday to Both of you!!!

This post is beautiful! Until this week, I never understood the mixed emotions around birthdays.

Have a WONDERFUL day at the zoo. I can't wait to see pictures!!!!

Beautiful words. We do thank God for the unknown woman who saved her daughter's life, so that we may complete our family. Blessings to you as you celebrate each special day together!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Stopped and prayed for Cricket's birthmother, and my sweet Hannah's too. May they come to know Him and in time either here or in Heaven, may they come to know the precious little girls they gave birth to.