25 March 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011 - 7 comments

Playing School

Finding things to keep a toddler busy during the rainy season is challenging to say the least, so recently we decided to start playing school a few days a week.  We've gathered all the goods to do a basic preschool curriculum and have set aside a time frame and a school space, and we've hit the jackpot in keeping our cricket happy and excited for our school days.  To mention "school" she goes and clears her table and sits and waits for mommy to get all set up.  You'll have to excuse the mess of her kitchen in the background...she wont hire a housekeeper because she of course does everything herself and cleaning up is not her strong point!  :)
 On this particular "school" day it was quite stormy outside with crazy winds and horrible rain so we got out our books and got to work on learning more about the color yellow and all things that start with the letter B instead of worrying if the tress were going to fall down!  Soon we found ourselves in need of more than worksheets and looked for some big project that combined both of our objectives....AND we needed a school bus to get to and from school so we got to work!
 After what seemed like minutes we realized we had been having fun for over an hour and had run dangerously into sports time, that is, we were going to be very late to Big J's volleyball game if we didn't hurry up and put the wheels on the bus!
The project turned into a fun time of wonderment and learning all the while keeping it fun!  Oh I am loving this SO very much and "homeschooling"  has been something I'd wanted to do for Big J and has been a serious thought for the future with our cricket, so heck let's get started now!  :)  

For all you home schooling parents out there, what kinds of curriculum, activities, websites or ideas do you have??  Do share!


How fun! and I love the fact that her kitchen is a mess! My is a bit of mess too!


Haha, Jenny in the 'school bus' picture is so cute!!! I wish I had done something this crazy when I was little, but the one thing I remember doing was putting a skirt on my head pretending I was having long hair (my mom cut my hair real short when I was little, hmmphh..)...

Sweet memories, sweet fun memories ^^

I love your photos. Jenny looks like she is just having so much fun. Hannah loves learning too - last night we were tearing up tea bags in the kitchen and comparing how they react with hot and cold water. Great fun. I love how curious they are from such a young age. Like you I started Hannah off with her letters and numbers and she is doing so well with it all and enjoying it so much (as do I). Have fun together :)

OH MY GOSH! The picture of Little miss Jenny in her "school bus" is priceless!!

OH MY GOSH! The picture of Little miss Jenny in her "school bus" is priceless!!

She is just amazing!!

I love her smile.

Keep smilin!

Love that last pic!!!!! FUN!