23 March 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011 - 15 comments

Black and White Wednesday - Viewing the past

With the passing of my grandma I've suddenly become full of questions I never asked her before she passed away.  There have been numerous conversations with my mom and uncles in the last few weeks asking the silliest of questions like what their favorite meal was growing up or what did they do for  my grandma for her birthdays.  I'm loving listening to all of their stories and seeing my grandma come out in them through facial expressions or a simple phrase of hers.
Along with asking questions I am wanting to put my hands on any picture of her just to see her face again with her beautiful smile on it.  While I have the memory of her last hours in my head, I find myself not remembering what she looked like in her death bed but taking myself back to memories of when she was vibrant and filled with her bubbling joy.  In looking at pictures as far back as when she was just six weeks old, I can see many of my family members in her smile or her eyes and I remind myself she is still so alive in all of them.
I love this picture!  My grandma was 6 weeks old here.
I love that her brothers and sister are in the car behind.  :) 

Pouring over some of these pictures has been like opening a treasure chest!  I love asking my mom who all the people are in the photos and the stories behind them.   Some of the same heartaches we face today, my grandmother and her family faced similar forks in the road whether it was as a child or as a mother herself.  Many of the good times like from the picture above, I've experienced fun moments like that myself with my own family and cherish the memories even more.  Such incredible lives during that time in our world and all the while the pictures remind me of pictures I see on blogs around the world today!  A photograph never really changes only the people do.
Oh goodness how I miss her so very much!  When the days are hard and filled with moments of regret for things I didn't ask, I wrap myself in one of her scarves and inhale her scent.  One day that scent will be gone from the scarf but the memories will always be here for me.  And for those memories and those of my family members, they are a treasure and I feel so blessed to be able to dig through a box of pictures and ask the questions I never asked.

Happy Wednesday!  
I love Wednesdays when I get to go and get inspired by other photographers sharing 
their beautiful black and white shots!  Go and enjoy!!


Wonderful tribute to your grandma. She was pretty.
My deepest sympathy.

Happy spring.


So hard to lose loved one and realize what we forgot to ask. Sorry for your loss. Lovely job honoring her.

I'm so sorry for your loss! What a beautiful tribute to her. She was very pretty!

Lovely tribute to your grandmother, Kayce :-)

Oh, Kayce, I'm both happy and sad for you that the memories are so strong right now. What a beautiful tribute. (((hugs)))

I'm so sorry for your loss....this was a beautiful post. I've been missing my Grandma this morning actually..... she'd been a big fan of Elizabeth Taylor...

What wonderful memories you have of your grandmother. I have a few photos of my own grandmother & grandfather that I cherish too.



What a beautiful post & I love seeing all those old photos.

Beautiful Kayce! Your love for your grandma is so powerful. I know you miss her terribly. (Love these treasures you found.)

I wish you peace.

Those are beautiful! What a special post... grandmothers are special and it's nice to hear stories of them growing up. Glad you are able to feel more connected to her through your family's stories...

Great pictures!

What a beautiful post and tribute to your grandmother....Your family is lovely. Thanks for the visit.


It's so important to keep those happy memories alive. Old photos are just gorgeous. Even if they just show every day life. Or maybe even more because of that. I still miss my grandmother who passed away in 1997 and I so wish my girls could have met her. I really happy though that the new technology makes it possible for us to scan and share the beautiful shots we have of her from the beginning of the century.

Erika B

What a beautiful woman, thanks for sharing...

Seeing these pictures with the car and clothes, it's amazing how much life has changed in just a short time! How priceless that you have these pictures and stories. Just think, your blog is offering Big J and Cricket a wonderful journal of your life as well!

Love these pictures of your grandma. she was a beauty!

I know the scarf trick. I actually put one of my mom's in with my clothes to catch the sent!


These photos are STUNNING...and I know that you will treasure them always.

I know you are having such a difficult time right now and missing her so much. It is good that you can talk and tell stories with other family members.... even though your Grandma is no longer here, you are keeping her spirit alive.

Thinking of you each day.

Lots of love~