21 March 2011

Monday, March 21, 2011 - 7 comments

Rain can't stop the fun!

This last weekend we went on our first camping adventure of the year to not only celebrate my best friends 40th birthday and a few other March birthdays in our group we also welcomed Spring!  Well the birthday bash was determined not be be dampened by the huge winter storm that blew through our fun weekend and made us think Spring was far from coming!  We celebrated the weekend away and did it all while under tarps, ez ups, and umbrellas and sporting rain boots!

Trying to corral 16 kids up for pictures was a nightmare as much as getting them to stop riding their bikes or making them stop splashing in the lakes puddles.  The kids had so much fun and made for piles of laundry for all the parents to do during down time.   As much as we wanted to sit back and enjoy the antics of all the kids we had to find ways to entertain ourselves out of the rain.  So a few of us went to Doc Bernstiens Ice Cream Lab to watch our cricket enjoy her first ice cream cone.   She of course enjoyed "Birthday Cake"!

With a little reprieve in the storm Big J and Mike made it down to the beach to capture the sunset, which was beautiful!  Big J spent most of the weekend with his camera in his hands and came home with some incredible images!  I hope he'll let me share a few.  :)


We brought most of the wet home with us as well as the mud but I wouldn't change a thing!  It was a time full of firsts, adventures and lots of laughter including moments of awe as we splashed the hours away just laughing at the rain...who knew that all you need to lift your spirits is a pair of rain boots, a rain slicker and a good storm!


These pictures are wonderful! I love me a good rainy day every now and then.

Love the pics. Can not wait for fun time in the rain too. Need the white stuff to go away!

Cricket is getting to be so big!

Keep smilin!

Looks like you had a great time. Love the pic of your son lifting your little one up...so adorable! She really is getting so big.

I especially love the pic with Big J holding Cricket up with her rain gear on...too cute! :)

Hey, I thought of you when reading a poem on "much ado"'s blog. If you go to her link on my blog and then hit "home", she has a great poem as a tribute to her father who passed away, it's beautiful.

Have a great week!

It sounded perfect! I hope he lets you share some of his images ; )

What is it about boots that is so adorable :)?! and yet it is so.

Beautiful! Especially that landscape shot. :)

I love your new look!

(I just purchased the same Template fro Timi! Can't wait to see how it'll come out.)