05 February 2011

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2/5/10 - Our Boy and His Cricket

Bringing home a cricket 
February 5, 2010
It’s early morning here in China and we have woken up feeling a bit more at home and much closer to the United States for the first time since we arrived in this beautiful country.   Yesterday we flew from Nanchang to Guangzhou where the American consulate is, to complete the rest of our journey.  Getting off the plane and exiting the airport was heaven!  Much warmer, the rain was at a drizzle and not a horn to be heard!!  AHHHHHHHHHHHH!  Today is filled with doctor appointments, paperwork, some more paperwork, visa applications and a bit more paperwork.  Our little travel group is feeling recharged and filled with anticipation that we’re almost done and headed home soon.  

Our little cricket, (that’s what we call Jennifer because she clicks her tongue constantly and it’s the cutest thing you ever did see or hear!) is doing great!  She wakes up with a smile on her face and is a happy giggly girl all day.  She is still loving her sling time and also loves spending time in the Ergo, especially if she’s with her daddy which she has wrapped around her little finger.  :)  She’s now eating solids about 2 - 3 times a day and absolutely loves her rice cereal and hates congee!   We are really looking forward to seeing how much she weighs today, when we got our update in December it said she weighed 17 pounds well when we got her she weighed 13 pounds clothed.   She is a tiny peanut!!  She’s holding her head up good but is still toppling when sitting on her own and she’s just about ready to roll over!  She can now use her legs to bounce and dance when held and let me tell you this girl loves the music!!  Grasping things is another thing we are working on but it is coming along.  She’s made huge changes in the last 6 days...has it really only been 6 days????  It feels as though she’s been with us since birth. 

Cricket absolutely LOVES her brother!   She sees him coming a mile a way and breaks into the most beautiful smile you ever did see!   I asked Jacob the other day how he was doing with all of this and if it was what he expected.  His response was one of a very proud brother and one who would stop the world for his sister if she asked him to.  Now if I could only get my daughter back in my arms!!  Between her daddy and her brother I have a lot of waiting for my turn.  LOL!!  I did however get a few moments the other day when Jacob grabbed the big camera and did a beautiful job at capturing his sister through his eyes....go and enjoy while I suck down my coffee and grab a shower before the day begins!

A funny story.....when we started this process 4+ years ago I asked Jacob what he’d want to bring home from China. Now remember he was in 5th grade....he wanted to bring home a pet cricket ....”because that’s a lucky pet in China mom.”  Well guess what, his wish came true.  He’s got his little cricket.

Much Love and Joy!
Mike and Kayce


This day was such a fantastic day!  It was one of those days in the adoption journey that you've been dreaming about for as long as you've been waiting.  I had watched so many others go through this day and each image I've viewed is the same, the only things that change are the faces in each picture.  I remember being in the medical building and thinking of many people who I had followed on their journey.  It was surreal!  

It was also wonderful to reconnect with many of the families who we'd toured Beijing with and we had all gone our seperate ways to our daughters.  Standing in line at the medical offices we all got caught up and shared our experiences, our fears, our joys, what each other provinces had been like.  We also got to meet families from other agencies.  It was wonderful to see so many smiling faces in such a small space.  Everyone was feeling the same....we made it.  We're all most done.  This is the end and yet the beginning of a lifetime.

One of the things that was poignant at the medical offices was the large number of families adopting older children. Not older like elementary age and below but families adopting boys and girls who were within weeks of becoming a teenager.  It was such an inspiring thing for me.  I knew then that I'd be back in this small medical building.  There was one girl who will forever be in my mind.  She must have been close to 13.  She was surrounded by her new brothers and sisters who where all on their gameboys, cell phones or other "distracters".  She was just sitting there in tears.  She was bewildered and unsure.  Her mom and dad sat across from her and kept telling her she was going to be fine.  I couldn't imagine her fear or what she was feeling at that moment.  

After our exams our little family of four explored the island and walked along the streets that were under heavy construction.  We popped into several stores but really just wanted to be out absorbing the energy all around us.  After the 5 rainy, almost depressing days in Nancheng, the bright colors and new sounds of Guangzhou were intoxicating!  


I can't believe it's already been a year! Congratulations on one year together as a family.

a beautiful story of a beautiful family!