04 February 2011

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2/4/10 - Leaving it all behind

On the run.... 
February 4, 2010
Leaving Jiangxi under cloudy rainy skies.

We are packing quickly to jump on a plane for our next and final step of this journey.  As we prepare to leave Jiangxi I am filled with words but have yet to form them in my head before I spill them out on the screen before me.  This area of China is filled with beautiful people, several of which my daughter leaves behind.  Their sacrifices will go with me forever.  For now I will take in every square inch, each sound and every second until that plane takes flight.

All that she came with.

Thank you for your continued prayers and all of your love

Love and Joy!
Mike and Kayce


Oh wow do I remember this day.  Well I remember a small parts.  One that made and still does make me laugh.  Our flight out of Jiangxi was delayed and we sat at the boarding gate for what seemed like forever!  As our little group of families roamed around the airport awaiting for boarding call, we watched other travelers prepare for takeoff.  Lots of families were leaving and headed home for the upcoming New Year.  We sat by the kiosk at the boarding gate and as the flight before us boarded the automated voice kept saying "Xie Xie", (thank you).  Every time someone would board it would say it and every time our cricket would just giggle.  The machine must of said it 100 times!  It was so funny!  She still loves it when we say Xie Xie over and over again.

I also remember sitting and thinking about all that had transpired over the last several days.  We had lived a dream come true.  We felt like we could let out our breath at this point.  We developed friendships with others who will be apart of our lives forever.  We became closer as a family and as a married couple.  It was a very bittersweet part of our journey to us and to our daughter...the beginning of something new for all of us and the end of all things familiar for our girl.  At one point I remember telling Mike I almost felt guilty for taking her away from where she'd once belonged.  


....I've so loved reading and re-living this amazing story and journey...we are all so blessed to have Jennifer in our lives and she is so blessed to have you and Michael and Holly and Jacob in hers...

It really got to me when I looked at the picture of her clothes with the caption...'all that she came with'...for some reason that was very powerful...all we really need to have or give, is love...xoxo,me