31 October 2010


So cute. Love the hair. Happy Halloween!

Just so precious! Enjoy Mommy!


So cute! The hair is awesome.

Oh goodness could she BE any cuter? I love the costume, it's so her! <3

Okay, all I can say is A-DO-RA-BLE!

She is so stinkin' cute! I LOVE the costume!

Utterly adorable!!!

We should chat soon....maybe we can try for this week sometime.

Keep smilin!

She couldn't be any cuter! No way!
I know I've told you this before but she reminds me so much of Grace at this age. I'm going to email you a pic. J is adorable!

We are so blessed!


What a cutie pie. I too love her hair. It looks like you guys had a super great Halloween :-)

Question for you - would you mind sharing the font name of "Our Boy and His Cricket" that you stamp on all of your photos? I really like it and would love to use it when scrapbooking. Any help/direction on where to find it would be much appreciated.

Thanks - kelly :-)

Adorable. Absoulutely purr-fect :)

Help! I just might not be able to survive the cuteness of this picture!

Good grief that's a cute little kitty!!!

Love it. Hope you all had a ton of fun.

The cutest kitty evah!

Oh my word, too cute for words!!!!!!
Breathtakingly adorable!!!

Seriously, how cute can she be? Glad to hear you had a great Halloween too! Let the festive season begin!!!!!!

Love it..
Miss ya

She is the cutest! Thanks so much for keeping up with us in China. Lucy is doing great! Life is so fun! I also took way to many supplies.


OK....who is going to wipe this smile off my face for the rest of the day?