15 September 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010 - 22 comments

Black and White Wednesday - Photo Challenged

So this last weekend we ventured out into our own backyard and went to the Capitola Art and Wine Festival and had an inspirational time but came home to camera card full of yuck.  Well except for the cute baby in a lot of the shots!  :)

One of my biggest problems is the intimidation factor when it comes to my photography....I clam up and put my camera away in crowds or when I see someone else with a camera I lust after.  If I do keep the camera shooting, I start taking crappy pictures (and of course the thick fog doesn't help with lighting)....

The festival was full of all of our incredibly talented local artists (and there are A LOT here!), some fantastic wines from our local growers and we  throughly got to enjoy the sounds of our favorite local band, eXtra Large!  Our little cricket was making the most of the crowds and of course the music was getting her on her feet and doing a little jig!

So what did/do you do to get you past the intimidation factor?  
How do you boost your spirit to keep the camera going?


That is one cool baby! Beautiful black and white.

Erika B

I love the black and white. I am the same, can't do crowds and feel I rush the pictures, have you tried just having your camera on your hip and just clicking away and seeing what comes out, it gives you a different perspective and no one knows you are photographing.

I have the same problem!! I'm shy to take out my camera when there are crowds or just when people start looking at me. I feel intimidated.
I always went out excited to get pictures but then got bad feeling stupid because I:
A) hadn't taken any pictures at all (or just a few).
B) had taken crappy pictures.

So now each time I bring my camera I make sure I'm going to take pictures, have fun and get beautiful memories =) Just ignore the looks!

Great photos. I am the SAME way. I feel weird taking pictures.

Don't shy away, keep clicking! Just because someone has a better camera doesn't mean they take better pictures! Great shots, i love wine festivals!

Love those cool shades and those four little pearly toothies! She's a doll!

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Just keep doing it no matter what. I still haven't used my new Mark II very much because of lack of time. I just need to strap it to me! The best way to get good shots is to take hundreds! Just delete the bad ones and there are ALWAYS good ones! :) Being a shutterbug is a GOOD THING! :) Keep having fun and trying new things.

Oh my is your little girl adorable! I agree with S. Wise... just have to take hundreds of pics and delete the ones you don't like. I don't take mine out nearly enough, but the more you do it the more comfortable you'll feel. Good luck!

What a sweetie pie. Those cheeks!!!!Love the first shot.

Yeah, I'm with Grace (LLtoChina) and S.Wise. Just do it. My motto for everything challenging is "feel the fear, and do it anyway!" It's all in the motivation. You want to capture the memories, document the important moments. If crowds are in the way, just move around them. You have a right to be there. (And if you have a really long zoom lens - that's the one you use in a crowd till you're more comfortable.)

You can do it!!!!

Oh my! I am the SAME way when I see someone with better equipment than me! I get so embarrassed.

Those are some stylin' glasses on your girl...love! so cute.

You're getting some great advice, I say jump right in, no worries...don't get embarassed please. I did and still do many times take many, many pictures. That's how you practice and get experience. Then I go home and delete my finger off pretty much.
Kayce you have a wonderful, natural eye for composition. I adore your style!


My camera is a piece of $*%&, so I can't help you, but I will say I so jealous of all your outdoor fun. It's still over 100 degrees here...I'M DYING for the weather to break!

I don't know but I LOVE them!


Just shoot away... just pretend that you are a tourist! That's what I do. :)

I too think you should just keep clicking. Who cares what others think or if they have better equipment. You do the best you can with what you've got.

And you do have a great eye. So keep the photos coming.

I love your little cutie baby :)

I would also recommend (besides keep shooting) If you are busy herding the children, enjoying the day and trying to take photos, you could just put your camera on auto or av and only focus on capturing the moment & composition. I've messed up the photos of some important occasions because I couldn't concentrate and I didn't realize my settings were wrong. There is such a learning curve with photography - enjoy the process :)

Don't let camera envy get you, then we won't have as many pictures of that sweet little face to look at! I have photography skill envy - when we come visit Cali, you and Steph can give me lessons! (Hehehe) Looks like fun, and I'm with Mary - TOTALLY jealous of your weather! CXH had a tank top on today it's still 100+ here ): Have a fabulous day!

I have the same problem sometimes. Lately, I've been able to get over it by ignoring on-lookers around me...I just get into the photo-zone and go!

I don't know how to use mine at all.. but oh well..
Love the photos.

I LOVE your pics! keep shooting away! Looks like the Cricket had a blast hitting the town in fashion, sunglasses and all! ;)

Keep Clickin my friend.... you have been posting really beautiful photos!! Don't get intimidated, just keep focused and take what you want to take.

She is so adorable Kayce......her personality comes shining through in your photos. She looks so very happy. You are so blessed.



what fun and these pics are wonderful!