08 July 2010

Thursday, July 08, 2010 - 9 comments

Fun in the fog!

We got to enjoy a fabulous afternoon with some old friends and some new friends the other day all the while soaking up some great fog!  Last year Catherine and I met up and knew then that within the year we'd have our girls in our arms and here we are, dreams fulfilled!

As always it's a great time with the Salsa gals and we got to welcome the newest arrival to Jens family which was such a treat!  Even though the day was beyond overcast, we still managed to enjoy catching up, snapping pictures, and gabbing the day away.  All of the girls had so much fun playing and splashing away the afternoon.

Hannah and the cricket exchanging stories.

After we got used to the sand we decided to enjoy it by mouth. :)

Dreams come true by God's blessing!


Love these pictures!

What a wonderful time! Dreams come true indeed and those to little ones are completely adorable together!

Great pics! So nice to see that you're so blessed! Isn't it funny how kids love sand everywhere, arms, neck, mouth, and hair :)

Lucky gals you all are..
Love the photos..
looks like a great day..

These are wonderful Kayce. Yes, dreams do come true, don't they?


Gail :)

Still smiling. Such a fun day!!!!
See you guys again SOON.

That was such a fun day!! And it was great to meet you. Let's do it again soon and we'll pray for sun :)

FINALLY catching up on blog reading and able to read this post. Makes me smile a huge grin remembering our afternoon of fun! It also gives me goose bumps to again be reminded of God's faithfulness and gifts in our daughters. We are forever blessed by One who loves us so very, very much!

Love you sweet friend. xoxo