10 July 2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010 - , 11 comments

Fish and friends

Friday we headed on down to the MBA for a little fun time with the fish and to meet up with our good friends Paulette and Annalise.  It was a great way to start the weekend and a wonderful way to spend the afternoon!

This trip to the aquarium was much different for the cricket...
This time she wanted to explore and experience everything,
including touching some seaweed, starfish and abalone in the Splash Zone!
Beautiful momma and daughter!
Fast and forever friends!!
Cricket is into hugging and kissing things she likes 
and Annalise was quick to get a hug and kiss!
Scooping up some krill together.  
(notice the tiptoes??  She was trying SO hard to be a big girl!)
Exploring the play zone one exhibit at a time.
Feeding the whales little bites of block fish.
A little help from my friends...
...makes for great team work and a fantastic day of play!


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OMW.. you are sooo lucky.. I love them..
Looks like you had a great time.
love ya ..and miss ya..
Have a great weekend..

I love to see you girls hanging out with your babies. :)

So much fun! It's been forever since I went to the Aquarium. We will have to plan a trip next time I come visit.

Oh, the girls are just having a blast together! I love the "fast and forever friends" picture! Too fun!! :)

You two are having so much fun. I love the photo of Jennifer on her tiptoes. too cute!

oh my word everyone is getting so big there! I came by to say hi! Have a wonderful summer!

what fun! i have a special place in my heart for Paulette and Annalise :o)
how wonderful you all got to spend time together!


What a WONDERFUL surprise to the The Cricket with Annalise. I have followed Paulette's blog for a long time and never realized you two knew one another IRL (in real life!)( I crack myself up with those abbreviations!)
Looks like you two and the girls had a wonderful time.

Just getting to my post and realized I hadn’t left a comment. We had a blast spending time with you all. It helps so much to talk to someone that understands just how hard it is to care for a child with a wounded heart that has to learn how to trust and love all over again. This takes a special person Kayce and you are just the mama for the job. I look forward to many more fun adventures as our girls grow up.