02 April 2010

Friday, April 02, 2010 - , 7 comments

The great Easter egg dye.

Getting ready to show the cricket what to do....

"I'm what to do what with this what?"

"ummmmmmm no, I'll just have a sip please...wait!  
What happened to that white bally thing!?"

Oye!  Waiting!!!

"HOLY COW!!!!!!  It's PINK!!!!"

"I'll choose this one thank you!"

"I'm gonna make mine all pretty now"


I adore the 'holy cow its pink!' picture! She is beyond cute!

Geez you guys look happy. So sweet to see your big ol' Smiles! xo

How fun!!!! Happy Easter Kayce!!

Goodness your pictures are great!!!!
What a special Easter this will be for all of you!!!
Love the family shot!!!

Happy Easter, again! ;-)

love those pics!@!! I love the one focused on the egg with her in the background. It is precious and perfect!!! I hope you guys have a blessed Easter and what an awsome first easter together as a famkily of 4!!!!!


Christy :)

ahhhhh, good times. We did our eggs today also :0)