11 March 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010 - 15 comments

It's the little things I don't want to forget

The smell of her sweet hair.
The way she lights up when her daddy walks in the room.
Her fingers twisting together like pretzels.
The sweet baby smell of her breath.
The way she "sings" when music is playing.
The constant movement of her tongue when she is in deep concentration.
The swirl of her hair at the back of her head.
Her laugh when she sees her dogs.
The way she conducts music when it's playing throughout the house.
Her fascination with textures.
The sound of her voice in the bathtub.
The last bits of China dust in her ears.
The way she hums when we walk.
Her sweet cricket sound she makes when she's content.
Her absolute love of the outdoors.
The way she inspects every. single. thing. she comes in contact with.
The way she and her brother communicate...through grunts and giggles.


This is so incredibly sweet. They grow up too fast. Your little cricket is simply adorable!

I know what you mean...I just hold onto and take in every second I'm with Lauren. She changes so fast and I am so grateful to be her mommy! What a beautiful family you have!! I hope we can meet someday and I can hear and see your little cricket in person!

Kayce this is the sweetest post...Oh boy do I understand what you are saying...we know all too well how fast they grow. {{{hug}}}

What a wonderful post and such beautiful pictures. Enjoy every minute!

-- kelly

Kayce, she is so adorable I CANNOT stop looking at her. Now I know the sweet things she does makes her even more endearing.


Great photos..
Cherish every moment..

U sweet mommy U! You are meant to be a mom.


She is just adorable!

Yes, you don't want to forget those moments, they pass so quickly.

I need to come visit you one day... and give lots of kisses to little Cricket :)

This is such a sweet post Kayce!! I just love to see her in the arms of her big brother......you can just feel the love:)



I usually comment on B&W Wednesday but decided to pop by this evening. Such a sweet post ~ your children are just lovely. That adorable little girl has no idea {yet} how lucky she is to have such a loving big brother!

Have a wonderful weekend ~

I too know what you mean. I find myself wanting the moments to last forever. Each second being Zoey's Mommy is so very precious. Each change, each smile, each sweet embrace melts your heart!

Such a sweet post!
Such a sweet girl!
Such a sweet mom!!! ;o)

this left tears in my eyes, such a beautiful post. and it might be the first time i felt that twinge of the 3.5 years i missed with our girl.

This is the sweetest thing! I popped by for the first time because of Black and White Wednesday, but have stayed for your sweet kids! What a baby doll!