26 March 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010 - 17 comments

Cricket tidbits

It's amazing to me that we have had this little cricket in our lives for almost two months.  TWO MONTHS!  Wow!  In these first months she has made huge strides and continues to do so everyday!  Here's some cricket tidbits to chew on....

*  The cricket finally has a tooth.  Just one cute little tooth.

*  Our little one is finally sitting on her own and LOVING it!

*  Rolling is her preferred method of movement and so far she holds the record for 0 to the other side of the room in 30 seconds flat.

*  Wanting to crawl is her current desire besides her own cell phone.

*  As for the cell phone...she would rather play with electronics than baby toys.  Oye!

*  Music and dancing is by far her two favorite things on the planet besides her brother.

*  The cricket was such a trooper with her blood draws and she is free and clear from having to do anymore!  Her lead levels were almost zero which came as a huge surprise to us and the doctor as we were all expecting high lead levels.  Praise God!

*  Besides all things technology, she LOVES books, like realllllly loves books.

*  Her favorite time of day is walk time when she gets carried up and down the beach for an hour or more.  On our walk yesterday she was asleep for most of the jaunt and towards the end I feel a little tap on my chest...I peaked in the Ergo to check her and there she is giving me a huge smile and then proceeds to go into full belly laughs.  Good stuff for the mommy soul!

*  Today we went to our first MOPS meeting and had a wonderful time meeting new friends and spending some time talking to other moms who have the same mommy brain as me.

*  The cricket got to wear a dress that has been worn by me, my sister and my niece....finally.  Gave all of us a huge smile on all of our faces.

*  She's the official clapper at all the home volleyball games along with being the star of the game.

*  Our sweet cricket can wave hi and bye to folks and will even give a shy smile.

*  Dinner around her couldn't be any better!

*  She stops what ever she is doing if she hears Elmos voice.

*  Bath time is nothing but laughs, splashes and good times.  And yes she's all punk!

*  The cricket is now a solid 17 pounds!  Her little buddha belly is just adorable!

*  And last but not least, she has brought SO much joy to our families, more than any of us could have EVER imagined!

The cricket and her grandmothers.  

My grandma holding her 13th great grandchild.

The cricket and her gran and grandpa.


Awesome post!! So exciting to see her development & I LOVE the photos of her with the grandmas!

I ADORE the picture of daddy and brother smiling at your girl. Their faces are just full of LOVE :-)

LOVE .. LOVE ... LOVE all the photos..
Looks like Jennifer is doing sooo well
Love ya and miss ya..

Beautiful post, pics and update on your sweet pea. I can tell she's doing so well....and looks happy! btw I'm a member of MOPS too and love the meetings very much, a little respite for my mommy brain too!

Have a great weekend Kayce!

LOVE the pic with the big flower in her hair - how beautiful.
How special that she is wearing the dress of many generations!

Aren't the quick milestones amazing! So happy she is doing great and even happier to hear she is lead free! That is such awesome news! What a relief for you guys!

Congrats on two happy months together! She is just adorable!

Ahhhh...the developmental milestones. :) We feel as if we're reliving our own through our children, don't we??? She has grown sooo much just in the past 2 months! And YAY for the almost non-existent lead levels & weight gain, Cricket!!!!!

What a great update. Love all the wonderful things giong on in your lives. She is such a sweet heart and I love her smile. She cracks me up!!! What a joy she is!!

Christy :)

Oh man, just adorable. Those pics all make me grin (especially the punked up one). Huge hugs.

Love the punk hair :)

And so happy for all your family that you have such joy in your lives with J.

I love getting to know her like this. You sound like one happy mommy!


It's unbelievable how quickly these babies start to flourish once they are home. It sounds like Jennifer is doing fantastic. What a HUGE relief to hear that she is lead free!!!! You must be feeding her well...one more pound and she'll be ahead of Kailahni!

An unleaded girl - yea! What a relief to hear! She is so adorable! They must train them on the cell phones up there in the mountains because CXH is obsessed too!Glad to hear she is doing so well!

Oh, I just love seeing her grow and change - and only two months! Wow! She is just adorable. So glad the blood draws are over and smiling that she was finally able to wear that dress!

So happy for you to have found MOPS, Kayce! I loved MOPS... my mom started a group at her church years ago when our second son was a newborn, and she is still the mentor for the group, so MOPS is close to my heart. :-) Bless you and your beautiful girl!

Wow, what a CUTIE PIE!...she sure has blossomed over the past couple of months. That smile must just melt right through you!!

These photos are GREAT... but my fave, by far, is the bathtub photo... ADORABLE!!!...and the spikey shampoo hair is awesome! ;)

Have a blessed weekend!
~ Tanya