24 January 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010 - 23 comments

Showered with blessings!

Yesterday was the most incredible day!  My mom and best friend planned the most beautiful shower for me and my beautiful girl!  THANK YOU!!!!!!   The room was filled with red lanterns, gifts, friends, family surprises and pictures of my beautiful daughter.  What blessings!  As I was absorbing the scenery and staring in awe at the ladybug cupcakes, in walks the most incredible surprise....Michelle completely took my breath away!  Thank you Michelle, you made the day perfect!!  To be surrounded by pure love gave me such peace as we finish up with the tiny details and hop on a plane Tuesday afternoon.  Thank you everyone for your continued love, support and many prayers!

Enjoy the pictures.....

Oh and T-Minus 2 Days but really 1 because today is just about done!


Awww! Looks like a great party!!! I can't wait to stalk you!!!!

OMW... what cute goodies for Jennifer and what AMAZING friends..
Great party..
Sooo wish I could have been there.. but so was there in heart...
Love ya tons..
you deserve it ..
can't wait to see you holding Jennifer..

What a Wonderful Day! I am so Happy for you!

How wonderful!! I would like to send you a shower gift! But I will wait till you get back! :)

Wonderful, safe journey!! I will live vicariously through your little family!!!


What a wonderful day it looks like you had!! You so deserve it!!! Love all of the pretties for Jennifer....

I love the Britax car seat!! Only the best for that girly girl!! The Scottie Dogs on the Red coat is precious! What fun it must be for you.

Big hugs and kisses sweet friend!


I had the BEST time. The look on your face when I walked in the door was priceless. Thank you so much for allowing me to share in your special day. Next stop-CHINA!

What a great shower! I love the colors and all the sweet details! Can you even stand the excitement? WooHoo!

Congratulations friend!! What a treat for you and Jenny to be showered with love!

Oooo....it's Monday here now so you leave TOMORROW!!! Wheeee!!!!

Wow, what a great shower! You look so happy :-)

what a beautiful shower!!! Kayce you are just glowing!!! I am so very excited for you and I cannot wait to follow your journey...: )

....may peace and a great sense of calm surround you now and in the days to come....be safe, be happy, take it all in and return home with your beautiful daughter, to the next exciting chapter in your life!


What a fabulous party.


What an awesome shower! It was a perfect send off for you! TOMORROW!!! It's here!! :) Yipee!!

Let the good times roll! What a great way to usher in this most amazing next chapter of your lives. Safe travels, my friend.


Lovely party... I am so happy for you and your family... you are off to begin a wonderful adventure! Sending you best wishes from Laguna Beach.

yaaaaaa!!!!! 2 days-- oh my goodness. I cant wait to see J in your arms. I am soooooo excited!! So many of my blogger pals are getting their babies. YAAAAA!!!!

Christy :)

Looks like it was a great party. Only a few more days and you will be on your way to that sweet, sweet little girl.

What a fabulous shower for your sweet girl! I love the cupcakes!

What a great party... I am so super excited for you all... have a great time as well as picking up something special when in China :) Hugs to you all... take care

It looks like you had a wonderful party!! I am so happy for you.....and OMG....TWO DAYS!!! YAHOOOO:)



TWO DAYS!!!!! And so much loot! Oh wait, that was rude to say, wasn't it? Okay... hmm... how about - you must feel so loved (because of all that loot). Heh.

Have a great adventurous trip to your Daughter. We will be following your journey......Gyll ( Gramma to Ryleigh)

one day you leave in one day you must be out of your mind with excitment. Enjoy every minute even the hard one. Roll with the punches and have a blast at every turn.

Your shower looked like such a great time. But most of all Motherhood looks great on you.