21 January 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010 - 19 comments

Nearing the starting line

Well we are almost packed and are now holding a large amount of documents and our official itinerary! Can someone pinch me please!!!

Tue Jan 26 - Leave San Francisco 1:50pm (pst) from here on out the time will be China time until we land back in SFO...
Wed Jan 27 - Arrive in Beijing 5:55pm (1:55AM PST)
Thur Jan 28 - Enjoying Beijing
Fri Jan 29 - More enjoying and our travel group arrives in Beijing
Sat Jan 30 - Group Sightseeing in BJ: TianAnMen Square, Forbidden City and the Great Wall (Juyongguan)
Sun Jan 31 - Fly to Nanchang 7:50a and meet Jennifer Lee Xiaocheng in the afternoon at Galactic Peace International Hotel !
Mon Feb 1 - Do the registration and notary
Tue Feb 2 - Free day
Wed Feb 3 - Sightseeing: TengWang Pavilion
Thurs, Feb 4 - Sightseeing: People’s Park
Fri Feb 5 - Get the passport and all paperwork back. Flight to Guangzhou 5pm
Sat Feb 6 - Medical examination for children
Sun Feb 7 - Free day
Mon Feb 8 - Return to Medical Clinic or free day
Tues Feb 9 - Appt at ACS
Wed Feb 10 - Go to ACS to take oath and sign papers
Thurs Feb 11 - Receive the visa in the afternoon
Fri Feb 12 - Departure from Guangzhou 10am - Arrive Beijing 1pm - Depart for San Francisco 4pm - Arrive San Francisco 11:20am (pst) and we get to do Friday February 12 all over again!

As I've been walking through my week these last few days I'm overcome with thoughts like...the next time I'm here I'll be holding my daughter or telling the checker at the store I'll see her in 3 weeks with a baby on my hip or the next time I get gas I'll be doing it with Baby J in tow or hugging a friend goodbye after coffee on Tuesday and making plans for the next time we see each other so our girls can meet and my favorite...figuring out with my grandma where Baby J can play in her apartment when we play cards once a week!! Very, very cool thoughts! Makes me giggle!!!

T-Minus 5 days!!!


You waited so long.

Thankyou for the privilege of sharing this journey with you.

God speed.

Oh my goodness!!!!!
Giggling over here too, I'm so excited for you!!!

pinch*pinch!! ...yep, it's for REAL!! You're going to China! ;)

SO excited for you and can't wait to 'tag along' on this leg of your journey!!

I don't know you, and just found your blog through Lisa's Long Road to China blog, but CONGRATULATIONS! The photo of Jennifer on your side bar is so precious. How exciting for you!

ES!!! It is really happening!!! I have goose bumps just thinking about it.

Hey, We are flying out of SF on Feb.27th and have like a 3 hr. lay over. Anyway you can come say Hi with Baby J? I would be so tickled to see you guys!!!!!

Big hugs,

I am soooo excited for you! I can't wait to follow your journey!

SO EXCITING! We aren't sightseeing, so we aren't leaving until Saturday - but I can't wait to follow your blog!!!

SOOOOO EXCITED... I am soooo HAPPY .. I can't wait to see Baby J in your arms....

So stinkin excited for you...... it is finally happening... you are getting on that plane and going to bring your baby home:) WHOO HOOOO!!!

KAYCE!!!!! I cannot believe I am going to watch your journey!!!! I cannot wait! Praying for you all the way to China and back!

I am so happy for you. I have followed your blog for a very long time, through many sorrows and many joys. Now comes one of the greatest joys in the world...welcoming home your daughter. My prayers will be with you as you travel.



How cool to see your itinerary and be able to know where you'll be each and every day! Will set my alarm to wake up Sunday morning approx the time Jennifer will be placed in your arms. Will be praying for her little heart as she leaves those she knows and begins life with her precious new family. Thanking God that she is so young!

Love you friend. If you have an approx time you'll be meeting Jennifer please let me know.

Not long now! How exciting that you're able to play the 'next time...' game!

Yay!!! Hey, so cool that Big J is going to be blogging from China! Can't wait to read his insights on China!

Hi Kayce, please dont think I have not been thinking about you, Im just trying to catch up on sleep. Im so excited for you and your family , I cant wait to see that little angel in your arms. Be careful and God bless you,

Love you, Kristy

Truly amazing:) You daughter will finally be in you arms. How awesome it that!!!

Best wishes for a wonderful trip.


It has been a while I know... just got back from Costa Rica... alot of catching up to do... I am so excited for you and look forward to following you.. hugs to all...

He He! I pinched my sister ;O) I figured if I was dreaming I't wouldn't be enough proof...my sister yelled and then hit me....lol...I knew I wasn't dreaming then ;O)
4 More days!!!!

oh Wait! 2 MORE DAYS!!! Not 4! Holy!