04 October 2009

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Three Word Sunday

picture courtesy of The Santa Cruz Sentinel

Welp you see who that is??? See that smile??? Yeah that's him. Matthew McConaughey.

Let me back it up a bit though....

Every year there is a local fountation that puts on a fundraising event for all of the Santa Cruz county schools. The event is fun and family friendly and has raised millions for our schools and this year it was especially important for a huge amount of money to be raised after so many of our schools lost more than imaginable. Well the foundation got together with some pretty big names and came up with a new "look" to the event. Besides a killer firework show there would be some fantastic up and coming bands preforming.

For the last few weeks the rumors began swirling around town like a plug being pulled out of the tub. You think the adoption rumors are outa control crazy sometimes??? That is nothing to what it has been like around here. Well last week the rumors where INSANE! One of the bands is signed to the same record label as @sshead K@yne West and another band is signed with Mr. McConaugheys label. Can you see where this is going yet?? When the signs for the event started popping up all over town the rumors took on a life of their own. The signs all had K@yne's name bolded and said something about featuring him...blah blah blah.

By Tuesday the energy in town had reached a new level. Word on the street and in the car pools going to and from the schools was that K@yne had checked into a resort here in town. Kids were clamoring to find him. Moms were on the lookout for the ever hot McConaughey running on the beach. People were saying this was going to be the biggest event in the history of our little sleepy beach town. And then there was me. Tired of stupid rumors. Only wanting to seek the truth.

Tuesday afternoon I started putting in calls to friends to find out if any of this was true or was it all a media hype. A friend who doesn't even live in the state was able to tell me that a large section of the resort was blocked off for a private party under the name of the foundation putting on the show. He was unable to gather information though as to who was in town but only that who ever it was was big. Ummmm??!!?? We already knew that a Victori@ Secret model was in town and was the host of the show, that was all over the papers and let me tell you, the boys LOVED it! The girls not so much. Us gals were only waiting for one person to appear on the beach and it wasn't the person who steals microphones from award winning singers.

When Friday morning hit so did the paper. Our local papers front page was all about the event and an article about McConaughey, one of the bands expected to preform and the VS model surprising AHS (Big J's high school) at lunch to congratulate them on selling the most tickets to the show. Let me tell you all heck broke loose around here. Moms where going nuts to get up to the HS to catch a glimpse. Kids phones where ringing constantly with requests for pictures of the super hot mchotty. And no not the super model. The paper all mentioned that a "surprise" performer would be preforming at the show on Saturday and that surprise would be mentioned on a local radio station at 10am. Everyone already thought it was Mr. I'maa$$hole. People were going nuts by now.

Then the rumors started turning into just that, rumors. 10am came and no announcement was ever made. By 12:30 kids started calling their moms back...."no mom I swear Mr. I'msohot McConaughey didn't show up...YES I swear!!!...only some hot chick that graduated from here." And the disappointment began to sink in, life moved forward. Parents began to worry about what the crowd was going to be like at the event. The event coordinator started getting a lot of flack for adding too much media hype to the event only to draw a crowd. People started electing not to attend, including us, but Big J already had plans to go with a group of friends, the kids all thought Kwest was still going to show.

And the moral of my long story....I came downstairs this morning to see Matthew McConaughey's face all over the front page of the paper. There he was. On our beach. Walking around with the crowds enjoying the show and introducing his band and just having a jolly ole time hanging out in Aptos for the day. And I missed it. We did though sit on the bluff down the street from our house and listen to the music and sat in the gale force winds and watch the fireworks with the rest of the people who didn't believe the rumors. Oh well at least our schools will benefit from all the hype and that is a good thing!


OMW... I would have loved to see his great bod on the beach....
Sorry you missed it.. but sorry I missed it too..
Have a great week..
Love ya.

Oh, so close and yet so far.

I scrolled down and read your previous post. Heartbreaking for those who are next AND for all who are waiting. I hope it speeds up for you. Hang in there!

Oh MAN....he is quite a hottie!! Just watched "A time to Kill" last night....one of my fav Matthew M. movies:)

Hope you are hanging in there....what a tough week for all those waiting.



ohhhhhhhhhhhhh - are you freakin' kidding me!

I'm secretly dating him. In my head. LOL! Man is he gorgeous!!

Oh, man... what a missed opportunity. Did he play the bongos sans clothes on the beach???

OMG no way!! sorry you missed it, but hey... life isn't about the celebs, really, is it? :O)