01 October 2009

Thursday, October 01, 2009 - 16 comments


Well as you can tell there is no referral. There is nothing to be exact, only disappointment all over the adoption community. Yeah I'm a bit sad, mostly mad though. Very mad. The heart ache I feel is for those who KNOW that they are next in line to jump off the adoption roller coaster, only to be told sorry we're skipping this month and you'll have to wait another few weeks. That makes me very heart sad. For us, I'm not sure what this "skip" means.

With all the GREAT rumors of the 29th being in this next batch we'd gotten a bit excited around here. We've picked up the pace on getting the tiny details done, but now we're back to the beginning of the ride...the LONG ride up to the top of that big drop. You know that part in the roller coaster ride where you're sitting with your body slammed back against the seat and you only see sky and you have no idea when the car is going to go screaming down the other side, yeah that's where we are at. Well now that a month was skipped with no referrals sent out, we are kinda sitting in an odd place. Do we go back to having hope in the rumors that we are in this next batch or do we prepare ourselves for November now? As hard as I want to ignore the later, I have to prepare myself for it regardless. It's going to be a very long few weeks until the CC@@ come back to work.

Until then, we will just keep swimming forward but we will have to be cautious of our excitement this next go round of the ride. Last months rumors got us so excited and of course me being me...a big mouth who wears her emotions on her sleeves...told the family and close friends to jump on board the coaster with us. "It's time to celebrate", I said. Oh how I wish I could go back in time. It wasn't just us who felt the sting of disappointment once again, it was all the grandparents, aunties, uncles and friends. Sorry guys. Next time, the excitement will stay in the bag until the bag is full of truths. Until then we will live in the words of my father in law..."we already know we won the lottery! We just have to be patient until we see it's fruition."

In trying to be positive and add some laughter to this new season and since you all thought the video of my horrible Blondie interpretation was pretty funny, Mike was thinking I should put some more funnies out there, just to make ya'll laugh out loud. Sooooo I've got a few videos I made with my niece and nephew last year that I've held onto for awhile...I'll post one next week so we can all get some much needed laughs. Stay tuned and stay strong!


So sorry your ride is stuck with you looking up to the sky. But here is a positive twist. You may be in China around Christmas and they dress the babys so cuite at that time of the year in big snow suits with lots of cloths to save for her. China is so beautiful that time of year. OK I know this does not make the wait any better. Hang in there you will drop down the other side soon.

Who cares about the referral...I am looking forward to a month of videos!

Sux A*s... I'm sorry.


Sorry for the disappointment. I can say I know what your going through but, we haven't nearly been waiting as long as you have. I do know that its dishearting. My thoughts are with you and your family. Christy

Sorry Kayce,very disappointing to say the least.
I just love the Blondie video, you are one fantastic and fun family, can't wait for more..
BTW, your a great singer.

Aw, crud.

I boarded that roller coaster with you for (what I hoped) was the big exciting part of the ride and I can sure feel your pain. This wait sucks and it's not unlike being in labor and going to the hospital only to be told that you're not really 9 months pregnant and they're not sure how far along you are so you'll have to just go home and cross your legs and wait.

Oh, and then they smile and tell you to relax and be patient. Yeah. Right.

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I'm so sorry Kayce.... There is nothing to say that would take away the anger... I am angry for you. I don't buy into the "you are still next" blah blah blah.... It should have been this past month. It just plain stinks...

Sending huggs... I'm having a pity party... please join me!!!

Sorry girly.. but you are sooo close.. I can use some more of those videos.
You are tooo funny..
you know I am here for you whenever..LOVE YOU..
Have a great weekend..

I won't sugar coat it but it really sucks...
Hugs to ya...

I'm disappointed for you!

Yep. That about sums it up!

Hugs amiga! Looks like it may be Christmas in China - that'll be alright with me!!! Dashing through the air, on a big jet airplane, o'er the ocean we go, screaming babies all the way! (make sure to sing it to the right tune!)

Words right outta my mouth! It is suckity suck sucky and we have nothing to do but sit and wait. Knowing you and sharing this wait is one of the high points fer sure.

Keep smilin!

sorry about the delay, I hope the next few weeks fly by for ya!

I can only imagine how hard this is. To be near the finish line but stuck in cement and not moving....

Hope the next few weeks fly by and you see her face this month.

I was out of the loop on this for a bit (new child and all) but when I found out they skipped I was like- THAT SUCKS. Hope you're wait is at it's very, very, very tail end.