31 October 2009

Saturday, October 31, 2009 - 14 comments

Happy Halloween!

Last night we went to a friends 40th birthday and of course it was a costume (your favorite rock star) party! Of course!! Well here we are dressed up complete with vintage circa 1960's attire as guess who??? Sonny and Cher!

There were so many great rock stars there....Pink, Ted Nugent, Janis Joplin, Fergie, Brett Michaels, Roller Girl complete with skates, even Milkquarious and the list goes on. Good times good times!

Happy Halloween!!!


OMW.... LOVE IT...
Have a great weekend..
Love ya..
Nick was talking about you.... he sooo enjoyed and thanks you for every letter ...LOVE YOU...

You are so funny. I love the look! What a blast.

Happy Halloween!! You guys look great!


Hilarious! You guys look great. Hope you had a great time rocking out.

: )

What great costumes!!! You two look great and it looks like it was a fabulous party.

Looks like fun! You guys totally nailed the Sonny and Cher look! Hope you had a good time!


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You looked fabulous! I almost couldn't tell you apart from the real Sonny and Cher. LOL! Looks like a fun party.

Kayce, you look awesome.
You are so much fun girl!!!

Y'all look fabulous! Hope y'all had a wonderful time dancing the night away.

That's awesome! How fun!! Would be a fun idea for a New Year's party too!

That is just tooooo awesome!! Love it!!! You are one groovy hottie arnt you!!!

Big hugs!

Chrisity :)

Happy Halloween!!! You guys look awesome!!!! I love Sonny and Cher!!! What a fun party!!! : )

You guys looked smashing!