27 October 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009 - 7 comments

Adding some sugar to my morning

Photo courtesy of the DailyMail.uk

As I was driving home from the grocery yesterday I had the windows down in the car and the music cranked, nothing new there. I was sitting at the stop light twisting my hair and singing with the music, just enjoying the morning and absorbed in the music, nothing new there.
As I was sitting at the light, a man appeared on the passenger side of my car dancing as though no one was around...Completely ripping up the sidewalk with some seriously groovy moves. This gentleman was adding something new to my Monday morning routine, laugh out loud joy at watching this guy get his grove on with me. While I waited for the light to turn, I had a moment with this guy. Just a moment of pure freedom. Now if I could just see him every Monday...it was a great way to start the week. Nothing like laughter and the reminder that nothing really matters but the moment to brighten the days ahead.

Have you seen anything laugh out loud good lately??


Toooo funny..
Have a great week...

Can't say I haven't had anything that has made me laugh out loud in a while...
I might try some new moves to snap me out of it :)
Hugs to ya..

Don't you just wish the whole wide world was like that everyday with each other!!!! You know like it was when we were little..... I am so glad that happened to you.

Love , Kristy

Oh what fun!! I love being able to laugh as it is the best stress reliever. Wish it would just be like that all the time. I have to admit I am one of those people that is always looking for the good and the fun in life.

We are official LOI as of Oct. 22 for our little emperor! Yippee.

Big Hugs,

Ha...I love it!

Nothing like a good laugh on a Monday!

Only a few weeks away!!!

Any news on the when?
Thinking of you and glad to think of you laughing.
Our baby-girl's photos make us giggle like idiots, so get ready for that!

Yes I have and it is wonderful. My kids bust me up all the time!