08 September 2009

Tuesday, September 08, 2009 - , 11 comments

Love you Dad!

Update: My dad is doing great! Surgery was good and he's on the road to recovery. Thank you again for keeping my family in your thoughts and prayers! It is so appreciated. Love to all! Now lets get through September with no more family surgeries or health scares and get into October for our referral. I'm just sayin.

Tomorrow morning my dad goes in for a minor surgery. While I know he will be fine, I wish I was there with him and there for my stepmom. Living so far apart is so hard sometimes. :(

Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

I love you dad! You'll be in my prayers all day.


Thinking of you and your family..
And I totally understand how you feel about family living far away..
Keep us updated..

Praying everything goes well for him!

Keep us posted. Good luck!

Keep smilin!

Will be keeping him in my prayers-- and you too!



Hope everything is alright. Keep us posted.

I'm in the middle of a horribly busy two weeks of school but hopefully after that I'll be able to get the NZ blog back up and running.

Missing everyone,

Thinking about your dad!

Hope everything goes well with your Dad and that he heals quickly!

I just said a quick prayer for your dad... and for you, too. May he recover quickly.

Praying for the surgery to go well and for a speedy recovery..

I hope your Dad continues to do well and has a speedy recovery.....thinking of you!


Hope Dad is ok and feeling good...

Keep us posted!!