14 July 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009 - 6 comments

Ponies, Princesses and Parties

When your a princess, how do you celebrate your 5th birthday?? Why with a white pony of course!

This last weekend we ran down to LA to pick up Big J who'd been spending time with family and to attend our niece and nephew's 5th birthday. We left and were home within 48 hours, phew! But with little time to spare we had fun celebrating and it felt so great to finally get Big J home after he'd been gone for 12 days!

The Cowboy!

No mom I will not ride the pony!

Testing the cake...no one will see me take this little bite here!

Bento boxes for kindergarten! COOL! Thanks Aunt Kayce!

Saying goodbye is so hard!


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LOVE the photos..
Looks like a great time..

What a fun way to celebrate!!

Keep smilin!

Of course. What else but a white pony. And I'm totally NOT allowing the Tongginator to see this post. It would probably give her ideas. :)

Ponies! What a cute idea! It looks like the cousins had a tough time saying goodbye.

WOW! Now that's a party!