03 June 2009

Wednesday, June 03, 2009 - 13 comments

I Heart Teachers

This year I didn't want to give Big J's teachers just another gift card or a box of candies, so instead we got them these beautiful boxes of flowers already made up and ready to give. Can I tell you that I only paid $6.00 for each one!!!!! (Thanks mom for the nursery info!) Needless to say they have been a huge hit and each and every teacher has been moved to tears when Big J presented them with the flowers. It has been a great year with a group of wonderful educators! We have truly been blessed this year!


Six bucks each?? Now that is one great deal for one great gift!

Such a great deal!

I will tell you that your son's teachers are loving you for those beautiful flowers! Much better than some apple-themed ornament, necklace, or sweater - not that I've ever received one of those before. ;-)

WOW.. great deal..
Have a great week..

WHat a great gift at a great price!!! Who wouldn't love those beautiful flowers!


Those are beatiful! You are a very special person. So giving of yourself. I will always keep the bib you made for me. I am adopting a 4 year old, but she will always have that bib. Thank you for your notes and just for being you.

Aren't teachers the best?!!! You are a very thoughtful and appreciative parent Kayce. Lovely gift.

Aahh...beautiful. Are they real? What a nice gift...and a great price! Love it!

Those are beautiful!! What a great gift and what a great deal! Love that! Miss you. Sorry I have been missing so much lately but I willbe back soon!

Christy :)

They're beautiful! Just like you! :)

Those are really pretty!! You guys have the perfect climate for hydrangeas!

Hydrangas are my favorite flower! Hope I spelled that right...

Waaaay better than a card, in my book!

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They are beautiful!!! Want to send me one? I did buy a red, white & blue snack dish for Eriks 2 teachers but also made them a small stack of handmade/stamped cards. They loved both.

Very nice unique gift and beautiful! Good choice!

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