13 June 2009

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Bad Blogger

It's been a while and I can't even say there's been fun stuff going on. This last week was the end of my burning the candle at both ends and my body just shuts down every day when I get home. At least two days this week I came home from work and sat on the couch only to wake up several hours later wondering what happened. In a nutshell here's the long and the short of the activity going on here...

* Our roses are getting ready for their second bloom! Pure joy!

* My last day working at the school was Thursday and my contract ended on Friday. It's been really strange continuing to work for someone when I was layed off 2 months ago, but since I'm a over achiever and can't "quit giving my best", I plugged on while others may have not. This last week there were no kids on campus and it was a nice feeling of relaxation and quiet for everyone. Leaving was hard though. Saying goodbye was harder. I ended up pretty much saying I'd be back to help out next year when I had some time and blew kisses to everyone. I am on a 39 month call back list but with the budget issues with our wonderful state and the more horrid ones within our district, I'm not sure I'll get called back. It was a heck of an experience though and I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity. Working with junior high school kids is like walking through a fun house, you never know what's around the corner.

* Big J has quickly adapted to a new summer schedule. I keep thinking I need to keep him busy or get him off the couch, but when I ask if he's bored or if he wants to go do something he says no. Yesterday I realized he has shut down too and he deserves a week or two just sitting around since he worked non stop for the last nine months. Quickly though his summer will be non stop and filled with activities from church beach days, trips to LA to visit grandparents, camp, adventures with mom and other church activities filling in the blank spaces. The first day of school will be here in a few short weeks so I guess a little down time is good.

* I finished the Grapes of Wrath by John Steinback last week. Whoa. I did enjoy the book as it had local details and I enjoyed reading what the Central Valley was like during the great depression. It was though, a deeply moving book and has made me think of our lives in the state of our current economic crisis in the USA. Since finishing I've been reading anything with a lighter tone. I read Empress Orchid, which is fantastic and is filled with wonderful details of China, but then I picked up, A Year in the Fog and if it wasn't for the fact that it takes place in San Francisco I probably would have put it down. I'm almost done and then I'm off to Kabul, All the Pretty Horses, or The Shack....any good ones you might suggest??

* Speaking of books....As I said in my last post I'm having a fun blog give away and guess what!? It involves reading and books! Surprise surprise! I'm putting together everything as we speak and will be posting next week about the give away. I've selected several great books from Barefoot Books and can't wait to give them away to someone! The best thing for kids during the summer is reading, whether it's out loud with someone or on their own...keep em reading!!

* Since my last post where I posted a picture of my blissful spot, we have had sporadic days of sunshine and fog. I know it's all about June glum here at the beach, but man this is getting old! It's been gloomy since May! Last night it was so foggy it was raining and today it looks like we are pretty socked in, once again. I am not a wet foggy cold girl. Growing up in Southern California has spoilt the heck out of me! You'd think after being here in the Bay for the last 13 years I'd be used to it. NOT! Give me 100+ degree days and I'm a happy gal! The trip Big J and I are taking will be based on days of sunshine that's for sure.

* Our 100 Wishes Quilt is being worked on right now and let me just say I'm amazed and in awe! I can not wait to share the finished work and wrap my girl in it's beauty and love.

* Last weekend Mike and I spent a wonderful hour or so enjoying coffee in Baby J's room. We sat in there talking, dreaming, planning and just spending time in thought about our little girl. These last few months have been a serious emotional roller coaster ride and it was nice to just sit in her room and reflect and refocus. Several months ago we were told by our agency NOT to renew our paperwork because, "you'll be home before it expires", but now it is just too dang close to not renew. Our current I-171h expires 9/29/09 (our 42nd LIDversary). The unfortunate thing for us is that our local CIS office is known as the worst in the country. Our first filling took 11 (very long and torturous) weeks to receive, our second was about 6 weeks and now we go for the third but with a serious time limit and a dollar amount attached. This is something we just didn't want to do, emotionally and financially, again. The only thing I'm thankful for is that my work load has gone from overflowing to nothing and I can concentrate on nothing but updating and paperwork.

* Then there are the little things in life that give us so much joy and renew our sprits in our wait....

There is a little bit of Pugness going on in China...

And God has blessed a beautiful soul with a daughter she has dreamed about for a very long time!

* Life is good!


Don't worry... I haven't been the best blogger of late either... I know what you mean about being 'bone tired' and coming home to nap... I have been through the same... hugs to ya...

I have missed you girly..
Sounds like you are getting some much needed relaxation...
I am soooo happy these days with all the families going to China and getting thier referrals..
This is what keeps me going..
I can't wait to see your 100 good wishes quilt.. I was working on mine before checking blogs..
I am sooo excited about the giveaway..you know me and books.. I love them.. I sooo hope Isabella loves to read like her sister..
Have a great week.
Hope we see some babies soon..
You are getting sooo close.. if rumors are true .. you are going to be SOON..

Life is good!

I am dying to know about your quilt. Are you having someone doing it for you?


I have MISSED YOU!! And to say I've been MORE than busy is an understatement :O) THANK YOU for posting my precious girl on your site... god I can't tell you how it feels to see that collage everywhere (Garth was amazing putting it together)... and I hope I can get around to telling her story and posting more photos soon!! We have SO many!!! XOXO and thank you again!!

NOT a bad blogger at all... your a great imaginary friend to have. I know that Kris and Pug Mama are smiling big as they see this.

Oh, and our 100 Good Wishes Quilt is also being worked on... for the Tongginator. Heh. It's only four plus years late.

Life IS good! ;) I'm glad you are getting some R&R time. It sounds like Jacob needs some too. I=

Looking forward to the giveaway! How fun! Although, since I won last time, I think I'll give someone else a chance. ;) I love the books though and plan to buy many more once we are home with Lauren!

24 more sleeps! ;)


Sounds like to need some rest! You've been busy! I'm glad you and Mike had time to day dream in J's room. I'm sure it felt good!

That's exciting that your 100 good wishes quilt is almost done. Some of those projects seem to take a while. I'm sure it's going to be beautiful!

Hope the fog lifts and you get some sun soon!

Bad blogger? Are you kidding me? Compared to me you're AWESOME!!

Even though I don't comment much, I do read it all. :)

And yes, life IS good!!

hugs ~

Life is good....now go renew your paperwork!