17 May 2009

Sunday, May 17, 2009 - 11 comments

What lies ahead

The end of the school year is quickly closing in on us...14 days left and one of those is a holiday and four more are filled with eighth grade activities like graduation practice, a day at an amusement park, all school play day and of course graduation day. We've got end of semester projects coming out the wazoo and volleyball games thrown in everyday this next week. Phew! For me it's a wonderful distraction to recent adoption rumors. For Big J it's pure bliss as he lets in the excitement of the end of one adventure and the start of another.

We've got a wonderful celebration planned for after graduation and I've been busy getting invitations designed and mailed out, cleaning house, working on the yard; which we completed yesterday and let me tell you.....the yard is an oasis now! I'll post pictures when I can. Yesterday I also ordered all of the plates, napkins, and such for the party from this site...I'm so excited that everything is bio-degradable and was cheep!!! Now we've just got to finish up with ordering food and polishing the floors. I can't wait for the day to be here! I wanted this party to be more about the people who have been an inspiration to Big J and not just about him and I'm excited to toast to them as well as the young adult who has made HUGE strides in the last two years.

Speaking of huge strides, this coming Wednesday we have been invited to a special awards ceremony for end of year achievements at school. Well since I'm still working a the school (pink-slipped but contracted until June 30) I received an email from the principal that went out to all staff for a vote for the nominees for the child who has been most improved and low and behold our son's name was on the list. The email I'm sure was not supposed to be sent to me, but it was sent to all staff and I've since asked about the invitation we received and everyone has said they can't tell me what he is receiving. While I don't know for sure if he won the nomination, I am still extremely proud.

Along with the special awards ceremony, we have a full week of volleyball. Games right after school for four days then tournament games immediately following each game this week. Friday will be our final game of the year which has been 4 wins with one loss, a great season so far! I will also begin the arduous task of starting the makeover of the school gym into an Oscar party for the 8th grade dance which is the following Friday. It should be pretty cool...we've got a red carpet, paparazzi, stands filled with adoring fans (read - overly enthusiastic parents) an avenue of stars with a child's name printed on each star, a ballon filled ceiling, and of course a D.J. spinning out great tunes and waiters wandering the crowd with tasty treats to munch on (read - parents discreetly running re-con on overly hormonal teenagers). Should be magical!

The long weekend couldn't come fast enough!! We've got nothing planned for the Memorial weekend, just recovery, cleaning and spending time together. Last night after a full day of hard yard work, the three of us enjoyed a sunset dinner outside circled around the fire pit. We ended up sitting outside watching the stars come out and darkness fall, it was such a blessing having our teenage son sitting with us discussing life and enjoying being with just us. He shared science projects with us that involved fire and we shared memories of our own lives as young adults. Big J and I are also planning a road trip in the next month and we had fun throwing ideas out and wondering which direction to travel...North or South?? There was even talk of a coast to coast adventure! Right now we have no idea, and will most likely make up our mind after the car is packed and we are sitting at the freeway entrance, "what way should we go?" will be our only question. I literally want the trip to be just an adventure for the two of us and we're both open to wherever the road leads us. All I know is that it will be fun and a chance to spend time together before the next four years consumes us.

With all the unknown in our future there is comfort in knowing we have each other. Our emotions have been all over the place these last few weeks with all the rumors in the China adoption community. I am so thankful that I am busy right now because when I do have a moment to breathe I am usually a puddle of tears. I had no idea I had so many tears in me! There are some very difficult decisions looming on our plate right now and I am not looking forward to finally sitting down to make those choices. For now I pray, play hard and pray some more. Keep us in your thoughts.

Hope the weekend has been a blessed one for you!


Sounds like a GREAT party.. and you have been busy and will continue to stay busy for a few weeks..
That is a good thing.. staying busy makes the time go by faster ... and that is one step closer to our girls..
I think I might have to use that site to order Nick's stuff for his graduation/going away party that I am having Aug.1st.. I am trying to get ideas ready now..lol...
We don't have much room in our little house but oh well .. it is all about our kids..
Have a great week.
We are going to be super busy.. Nick has 2 graduations .. can't believe how fast they grow up..
Hugs girly..
Thank you for being such an AMAZING friend..

Sounds like great things are in store for you and your family! I cannot believe another school year has gone by! wow.

Thank you so much for the sweet card you sent. I meant so much to me! You are such a special person and I so appreciate your words or encouragment and for most of all for you prayers.

Hope your having a fantastic weekend!! :)

Sounds like a busy/fun week! I can't believe your baby is going to highschool.

Go South, go South! :)

I can't wait to find out where you decided to roam! Maybe we'll cross paths out there on the open road.


Congratulations to J! Onward and upward to the halls of high school. I have two nieces starting high school next year, too.

Hoping your referral will not be delayed much longer.


Through this whole crazy wait... I am staying busy doing anything... Just put 1/2 of Shauna's clothes in the freshly painted closet :) So excited...

Wow, you all sound super busy. Hope the party is fantastic and J. enjoys his graduation too.

I love the sound of your road trip - what a brilliant idea. Looking forward to hearing where you end up going.

The end of the school year is always crazy, isn't it? Ugh. But congratulations to your son for his unknown award!!!!! And hoping that referrals come soon for y'all.

I love the end of the year and I am so gald you are buzy, I know it must be driving you crazy if you were not. (I also love it when our babies get recognized for how great they are!! ahha congratulations!!)

hey friend, I hope the decision making process is an easy one.


COME VISIT US!!!! It will be cramped, but I'll take off work and we would have the best time with the boys and us. Seriously, you need to see the Ozarks. Love, Allison

I've been praying that God would open the double doors to China so that it would go more quickly! Mommies need their babies, and babies need their mommies!

Terrye in FL