29 May 2009

Friday, May 29, 2009 - 9 comments

Pure Joy

As all of us in the wonderful roller coaster ride of adopting from China, the arrival of referrals last week was such a GREAT surprise and relief! For our family and friends...there are now 15 log in dates ahead of us and if the current ways of the people in charge stick, as in 6 days of referrals per month...well you do the math. Thank you all for you continued love and support! It is what makes us smile!

Well in the last batch was this sweet face who is now the blessed daughter to a fellow adopting family from our agency.

And then all the way on the other side of the world a friend who I had the pleasure to meet last summer is currently and finally holding her precious Tate

There's also a little paradise in China this week as well....

So much joy! So much joy!


Oh... I had a slight heartattack then... I wasn't thinking of dates etc and I saw your title 'Pure Joy' and the photo and I nearly went into shock... I thought for a second there you got a referral... hehehe... but you have to love watching people getting referrals... esp those close to you, around your date etc. that is all the more special... it is like a time we thought would NEVER get here.

Yes there is..
Have a great weekend..
you are getting there..

Yes...life is good. Look at those beautiful babies!

It eases the sting of the wait, doesn't it? Sharing in their joy...

Isn't it great?!?!?

Not too long now and we will be celebrating your Jennifer.

it's the BEST, isn't it? can't wait for YOUR day!!

So much joy - and so much still to come for you. So excited for you all at how close it is getting.

OMG!! I thought you had a referral but I was trying to figure out how as your date is later in March 2006. You got us girly!! I am so very happy for all of the families with their new referrals. It is just a wonderful time to see new babies! Not that much longer for you my dear...

Hope and laughter!

What beautiful babies...especially the one in the top photo! tee hee