04 May 2009

Monday, May 04, 2009 - 10 comments

Just dreaming...

...of summer days with nothing to do but putting my feet up and listening to the chatter of children and the laughter of life happening. Life is happening fast right now and I'm making the most of all my down time along with what ever is thrown in the mix at the moment. Four more Monday's left and one of them is a holiday! All last week was state testing and now the remaining days of school include trips to amusement parks, play day, raging hormones, end of semester projects (3 to be exact), parties, bon-fires on the beach, practicing for graduation, and the all anticipated graduation and the party after...the day's of junior high are numbered. Breathe....


YES, breath and think about summer! YES!

for me, summer means, my deck, gardening, long dog walks and THREE WEEKS AT THE COTTAGE!


I think we all need to meditate while looking at that photo. If that picture doesn't scream slow summers, I don't know what does. Hang in there - just a few more weeks to go.

yes, breathe - it all happens so fast, doesn't it????
I will have a high schooler - A HIGH SCHOOLER!!!

Oh yessss doesn't all of that sound so good!!!! Down time alone sounds great to me!!

Good luck on the car shopping, and your right , weren't they just in diapers???? I was telling Frank this morning after we watched her drive off....what happened to that little girl that needed us for every single thing in her life??? It makes me sad, but I guess in 16 years we will be doing it again!!!

Love, Kristy

wait wait wait. didn't junior high just start? where did time go?

We have two weeks from today until Gregory is officially a HS student. He is excited! I wish we had some of that sun you mentioned...but at least it's green here. I'll send a picture of my boy when we get them. You won't belive how big he is. I'd love one of Jake at his graduation. I can't belive it! WE made it! Love, Allison

Love the picture, it protrays the relaxing, lazy days of Summer!
Sounds like things are wrapping up quickly for you, soon it will be time to enjoy the sun and camping, hang in there!
We are not finished school until the 25th of June, we are booked for camping on the 26th, LOL, can't wait!!

Great picture! I am counting down the days until school is out too!

I can't wait for this school year to end!! I love lazy summer days. No racing out the door to school...NO HOMEWORK...it's the best.

Jacob starting High School is too much!! How did that happen?!

Love this picture : ) we drop our boat in the water on Monday.
Bring on summer days!!!! I am so ready!!!