01 May 2009

Friday, May 01, 2009 - 7 comments

Getting Messy

Not gonna talk too much about the Swine Flu and adoption issues except that I cried (a lot) and I haven't stopped praying for several friends who are awaiting travel approval and referrals. If I allow myself to even start thinking about it, I well up and my stomach turns over. When I told Big J what was going on his response was perfect..."it's okay mom (as he's hugging me) it's just another wall we must climb over and we'll be over it in no time." Thanks buddy. I love you! Yes it is a big wall and one we WILL climb over, so I guess I'll go get started on updating the I-171 now. JOY!

As for more mess this week, the youth group at church had a HUGE food fight on Tuesday and this was the result of raw eggs, wet dog food, many bags of flour, sour cream, soda, taco meat from Tac0 B3ell and what ever else a bunch of teens could come up with. I just have to say one thing...STINKY GROSS!!!!


Hang in there. I'm so pissed at the swine flu right now that I'm not sad anymore. If I see a pig in the next few days... well... watch out! :)

J is sooo right.. WE WILL ALL GET THROUGH these minor obsticales..
Because on the other side..
Is our BEAUTIFUL babies..
Have a great weekend..
LOVE the photos..
Looks like a TON of fun..

That is one messy food fight... looks fun actually

I'm with Stephanie....sadness has turned to a firey fury. I took a hot dog out of the refrigerator today, thru it on the ground and stepped on it. "Take that you damn pigs!" I don't even know if hot dog is made from pig, but I pretended it was. It felt good!

As far as the food fight thing goes....I just hope you made those kids clean it up...with their tongues!

Kayce, I am out of my funk and just hope and pray this will pass.

Oh, that looks like a nasty food fight. I don't like it. LOL!


I'm doing just 'swine'! Seriously, can you even believe it? Here's to a new day tomorrow, no more swine flu news, and a big batch of referrals!!
Hang in there!

Suz is doing swine, Mary is stomping hot dogs and your son is fling dog food and eggs. I am speechless.