26 March 2009

Thursday, March 26, 2009 - 8 comments

Hi/Lo Thursday

I've been wanting to participate in The Riggs Family Hi/Lo Thursday for a while now and have put it off or not had the time so today I made it a point to do this!

My high for this previous week is a pretty big high, in fact I'm still pretty high! Last weekend my girls trip was to attend the Joyce Meyer convention in Long Beach, CA. From the moment I stepped off the plane on Thursday morning it was one of the most spiritually emotional weekends I've ever had. From laughing until we cried to crying until we fell asleep, my four days there was so uplifting and such a learning experience. I came home on Sunday to only fall into my bed in a pile of spiritual glee. The conference was about change which hit so close to home for me, but then again all of Joyce's conferences touch me to the core. With all the change I've gone through in the last few years I've lost touch with my true self, the one I love the most, that wild and crazy - who cares what others think - be different girl. Well it's time to let go of what I thought was what I wanted and take back what I lost. I am here for a reason and I am so loved by God and THAT is SO good! It is what it is and that is wonderful to know!

My low for the week was getting called into the principals office, kinda funny when I say it like that! No I wasn't in trouble, but I am getting "bumped", (that's what the district is calling it now) and will not be returning to the junior high in the fall. AND I also lost one of my longest clients due to a job loss in their home, both my client and I were so sad to say goodbye to each other. That's okay, again as I learned last weekend God has a plan. Things will be tight for a bit, but we will survive and this will give us the change to prepare for the homecoming of our Baby J. For now I'm just walking in my faith and trusting His plan.

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You've got some enviable faith m'dear. Revel in it and it will be good to you. Sometimes I'm not so good at my own advice ;0)

The highs sound wonderful, and I'm so sorry to hear about the lows. Good things to come though -- really good things!

Glad to hear you had such a big high... I am sure it feels good to find yourself... and such a huge bummer about the low... sorry to hear about that... wonder what fate has in store for you around the corner... take care

Hi Kayce,
Thanks for stoping by my blog! Its a pleasure to meet you!
Glad to hear you like my banners! I work hard on them!

You look like you have a wonderful family! & adopting..how exciting it must be!!!I hope you get to hold your little girl soon!

Just FYI - havingmy 100th post giveaway this Saturday;the 28th..dont miss it!!!

Kayce there is nothing like going to a womens conference with friends and feeling the Lord there right beside you. It is so rejuvenating and uplifting and heart wrenching at the same time and your right it is a High! I am so glad that you feel renewed , what an awesome feeling. You are a daughter of the King and he loves it when you feel this way. God bless you and thanks for sharing , your words lifted me up at a kind of hour that I am down so thank you so much.

Love and blessings, Kristy

So sorry to hear about your lows this week...but as you said, he has a plan and sometimes things happen for a reason. You never know there might be a better opportunity on the horizon.


Sorry about your lows this week, knowing your wonderful spirit, there will be amazing, new and exciting adventures ahead!
So glad you had such a wonderful girls out weekend, sounds uplifting and very motivating.

I love Joyce Meyer! So glad you had a chance to go hear her!

Sorry about your low this week. :( As others have said, new adventures are ahead and God has great plans for you. Jeremiah 1:9

p.s. Can you email me your address? I want to forward it to my mom so she can send you our baby shower invitation. (as I told Steph, only to include those closest to me, I don't expect you to come nor do I want you to send a gift, just to be part of this exciting time!)

Love ya Kayce! Hang in there!